Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


13. sorry... so heres a long update

A/N: SORRY FOR LONG WAIT IVE BEEN DEALING WITH SOME PERSONAL STUFF. "Harry, babe are you ready its time to leave! Youre going to miss your plane!" I scream from the kitchen. Harry is in the bedroom collecting the last amount of his belongings and preparing to say good bye. Its harder than ever for me to say this goodbye. Harry and i have become attached to each other since getting back together. The press has obsessed over us naming us the couple of the year. Most of the fans love me, us, karry. The expected few who hate on me dont even faze me. I havent done anything wrong, harry and i are just to people in love. I know that this is just a temporary thing and he wont leave me forever but i cant help think that maybe he will fall in love with someone else. There are beautiful of fans everywhere drooling over Harry. I whip a tear streaming down my face and put on my coat. It is still not warm here no matter the fact that the month is March. Harry comes down the hall with his suitcase in hand and Alisha trailing behind him. The car ride to airport was silent. Not one of us sang or even attempted to talk. I looked out the window of the car as Alisha hugged her bear tightly. Harry just looked straight ahead paying attention to the road. Now were finally at the airport where we have to break the silence. One direction is flying in and driving back with in a span of five days. I have to repeat this over and over in order to keep calm. I watch as harry bends down and embraces Alisha. "I love you. Ill miss you soooo much!" He whispers. Harry rises with tears threatening to trickle down his cheek. My eyes water as i look into his but before i can cry i hug him tightly. "I love you so much. Have fun, be safe and call me." I whimper. "Dont worry i will baby. We can skype everyday while im gone and ill make sure to say goodnight to you before you go to bed. Its only five days." Harry whispers stroking my hair. Harry has kept his promise so far. Hes made sure to skype me each night before bed. This is the last night before he comes back. Im currently talking to him on phone about how Alisha and I have been. "Oh shit!" I hear louis scream. "Harry, whats happening?" I exclaim. I hear the phone drop. "Harry, harry?" I repeat. I guess he had to go or maybe he lost signal i think optimistically. My phone buzzes and the name Paul lights up on the top of the screen. I answer it "hello?" "Oh hi kaili sorry uh i uhm called the wrong number." I could hear commotion in the background. "Okay....... paul is everything okay?" I ask. "Everything ok? Ofcourse!!" Paul exclaims. I nod my head despite the fact he cant see me and say goodbye. Alisha runs up to me and snuggles close as i turn the channel to something she can watch too. We watch "max and ruby" as i wait any sign of contact from Harry. Right after putting Alisha to bed my phone rings. I run over to the couch where i had left it and slide open the text message. "Harry: hey babe sorry i lost connection talk soon xox" i sigh in relief and reply "see you in the morning haz! Cant wait! :* " i fall asleep on the couch hoping that if paul brings harry home then ill wake up when the door opens. When i awake harry is still not home. I tune into the news. There is a 80% chance of rain. Just in, world wide loved boy band One Direction in a car crash. Eldest member was driving the range rover when the car spun out of control. Members in hospital for minor and major injuries. I shut off the tv and grab Alisha. "Mama where are we going." "Its time for daycare." I say. I drop alisha off at daycare and drive aimlessly trying to decide what to do. I could only think of the worst. But paul said everything was fine, harry is probably fine. Hes was in the back of the car if any would to be injured it was Lou. All day today i worked. I havent been scheduled to work in a while because ive just been so busy. My job isnt a dream job or anything. I work at a coffee shop as a bartista but i love it. All the cheery smiles directed at me through out the day keep me motivated when im down. The costumers tip genorously and are very polite with small talk. Many fans have come hunting for me at the shop. They are all smiling and some crying but a happy crying. I still havent adjested to the whome fangirling over stage. And to be honest im not sure if any of the boys ever will. Im positive harry still finds it a little odd. The stress of the news had been tugging on my mind all day. I had no reason to worry i repeated over and over. Harrys fine the boys are fine. My work day ended at 4 so i rushed over to get Alisha. Once i got her i dialed paul as i drove back. Paul answered, "hi kai." "Hey paul. Uhm so i heard about the boys.... whats going on?" I stammer. "Come to St. Peters Hospital tonight... dont worry. Dont stress. Its okay theyre just monitoring some of the boys and security." Paul replies. I immediately do a u turn and say "im on my way. See you soon!" and hang up before paul could respond. Alisha hummed a little to the radio as we drove the half an hour to the hospital. I pulled into the parking lot pulled the brake and had alisha unbuckle her car seat.
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