Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


7. so what now?

"Harry?" I sniffle whipping my nose. There was silence, his head hasnt moved but his tears sure had. "How... how could you? How could niall? I trusted you both!" Harry whispered into my ear sending chills down my back. "Harry. If your willing to give me a second chance i would take it. If i could do it over again i wouldve taken a beating for the moment not to have happened...... i love you." I say lifting his chin to look me in the eyes. "Kaili. I just dont know if i can. I dont know who i can trust anymore." Harry says. The look of hurt in his eyes was enough to make anyone cry. "ITS HARRY STYLES!" A girl screamed. She ran over to the table "i lo- have you been crying?" The girl asks harry. She then turned to me and said, "LOOK BITCH I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT I SURE AS HELL HOPE YOU DIDNT MESS WITH MY HAZ! WHY IS HE WITH YOU ANYWAYS? YOU LOOK LIKE AN UGLY WHORE." I glanced at my scars for a second and harry stood up to defend me. "Sit down haz i got this." I told harry. "Look i dont want to fight but i am not a whore. Harry here and i... me the ugly whore just got back together. So uhm who would you be? Yea not harry styles girlfriend... sorry." I say calmly. "Harry styles.... girlfriend?" Harry trails off. "Yeah, baby dont worry i can take the hate." I reply winking. "IS SHE LYING! SHE LYING ISNT SHE! SHES NOT YOUR GIRLFEIEND! I knew that cuz ofcourse thats my job" the fan responds. "No shes all mine....." harry slowly says. I turn and smile. Thankfully hes forgiven me. "Do you love her?" The fan whispers. Harry grabs my hand and replys "uhm yeah.... i really do." "Oh... she better not hurt you." The fan threatens. "Too late." I murmur and let a tear run down my cheek. I quickly wipe it away with my free hand. Harry frowns hearing me. "Dont worry, she could never hurt me. And i could never hurt her. She is mine and i am hers." Harry smiles. "Im sorry about what i said earlier. Could i... maybe... have a picture with you two?" The girl says. Harry nods and stands up. He crouches low. "Haz what are you doing?" I laugh. "Get on!" He says. So i jump on his back. He puta his arm around the fan and she counts "3,2,1" we smile. The picture looks cute. Immediately the girl tweets it. "Just met harry styles and his girlfriend! Best day ever!"

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