Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


3. recording studio

When we arrived a door man opened the door and instructed us to talk to the woman at the desk. "Come one sweetie" i whisper to Alisha, as i offer her two of my fingers. She grabs them acceptingly and begins to run to the desk. I trot behind her bending down and harshly telling her to walk nicely. Ofcourse though she did not obey. The lady at the desk smiled down and giggling asked, "what can i do for you today?" I replied "im here to meet with steve." "Alrighty" the woman sang "ill call him now and tell him your here - hi steve its linda. Yes. Uhm -" she said putting the phone to her chest. "Whats your name?" She whispered. "Kaili" i respond while picking up Alisha. "Kaili is here to meet with you. Yes yes i understand. Alright thank you. Mhm bye." She hung up the phone. Smiling at Alisha she began " Mr. Smith is on the 35 floor room 542. Your daughter can stay at the child care facility to the right if you wish." "No thanks i think she'll be fine with me." I mutter as i head toward the elevator. Once i get to the office a man greets me. "Hi im steve smith and you must be kaili." "Thats me!" I smile "and this is my daughter Alisha" "Ive seen ypu before..... you recorded a demo with simon correct? And then you left with another artist who was it again..." "yes i recorded a ddemo with simon." I firmly respond ignoring the other question. "Oh i remember it was one of those boys simon always goes on about. Someone from a band named... one way... one direction i think actually. Yes thats it." Steve rambled on. "I have to get my daughter some where after this so can we begin?" I lied to change the topic. "Yes sure. So lets start off woth background. Who have you meet with for deals and what artists have you recorded or worked with?"
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