Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


5. meeting up

I hear foot steps behind me and turn back quickly to see a head with curly hair following me. I storm out of the building with Alisha and into the rain. "Shi-oot" i mummble. "Kaili! Kaili wait!" Hes running toward me. I raise my hand quickly calling a taxi. The taxi skids to a stop in front of me and i jump in. "Go. Now." I demand. "Where to?" The driver asks. "I dont know yet just drive." I state. His foot steps iinto the street just as the cab pulls away. Its not that i want to avoid him i just dont think i could possibly face him with out letting him into my life again." Pull over here" i told the driver. As the cab stopped i threw 5 bucks in the front and walked up to my appartment. One new message on the answering machine. I press play and wait patiently. 'Hi babe. I hope this iis kaili cuz otherwise i have the wrong number but. Uhm. Can we erm talk soon? Id love to ehm mmeet up for coffee or uh something. So uhm talk to you later baby." Why harry? What needs to be said.

The next day before leaving the house to get my morning coffee and drop Alisha off at school I decided to text the number that Harry called me off of the other night. "Im dropping Alisha, my daughter, off at school and then will be at starbucks at 7:30. If you want to talk meet me there. -Kaili" I read the text over again examining it for errors and then hit send. "Alisha!" I yell down the hall way. My little girl comes waddaling out of her room in the flowery dress i had set out. "Lets get your shoes on and then go to school! Yay school!" I say clapping. Alisha claps in response and walks to the door where i undo the velcro, slip the shoes on her small feet and then fasten them again. After i dropped Alisha off i began the ride to starbucks i start thinking. What if harry brings the rest of the boys or what if he wants to take away Alisha. But then again he might not even show up. I arrive at starbucks at 7:20 and order my coffee. I grab a table and decide to wait just in case harry does show up. I press the home button of my phone to wake up the screen. The time reads 7:35 and im done with my coffee so i get up throw it away and walk out the door. That is i started to walk out the door. Until i lost my balance when another person wwalked in as i opened the door. "Ahhhh" i shreek trying my hardest to keep my balance. "Woah there. Here we go." Harrys voice says as he grabs my wrist and pulls me to his chest. "So you thought i wasnt going to come ffor you love?" "I have places to go, you werent here so i started to leave." I say not looking up to his eyes. "Lets grab a seat and talk." Harry says guiding me to a table to the left. "Want anything to drink?" Harry asks with a cheeky grin. "No, i already had my coffee." I tell him. "Oh... alright." Harry responds as his grin falls. "So our daughter is pretty precious isnt she?" Harry says after a moment trying to liven the mood again. "I cant wait to spend time with her and get to know her." Harry exclaims. "Harry......" i say. "Yes babe?" He responds. "Shes not yours." I say. "What do you mean sshes not mine? You dont want me in her life?" He says. I can see hes about to cry. I go around the table and sit in his lap and entertwine our fingers. "Harry, you can be in her life. But shes not your child." I restate. Theres silence... "harry?" I ask about to cry. I look over to see Harry already crying. "How is she not mine? What happened.?"
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