Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


8. Its like we never split up... at least for Harry

In someways it was nice that the fan was supportive of me but i also know that not everyone will be that way. I know Louis' girlfriend now fiance got lots of hate in the early years. "Harry ..." i whisper. "Yes babe?" He replies. "What if... what if the fans.... dont like me." I stutter. "If theyre truly my fans then theyll support you. And those haters arent important. Im more important than them after all, right?" Harry whispers sweetly. "Ofcourse you are! And your totally right, thanks for reassuring me." I smile. "Any time love " harry says. This is the first time going on twitter since we met the fan earlier and to be honest im kind of nervous. Immediately my connect tab filled up. The first 20 comments i read were amazing; "whats her name? Im so jealous shes gorgeous" "Wow Haz youve got one lucky girl". The next thing i notice is i went from 120 followers to 21 k. 'Thats amazing!' I thought. "Hi kaili!" A deep voice said from behind as hands wrapped over my eyes. I laugh, "hey Harry!" "Howd you know it was me?" Harry asks. "Who else would come up to me in the library and wrap their hands around me?" I question. "I dont know." Harry mumbles. "Your secret boyfriend...." harry jokes. My face goes blank. Harry automatically sees the difference in my face. "Im sorry babe i didnt mean that!" Harry says sitting down on the couch next to me nuzzling his face into my neck. "I love you no matter what happened in our past." Harry whispers. I shiver and respond, "i love you more than anything babe." Harry lifts his head up and i start to move to look at him. "Dont move." Harry demands. "Okay, are you okay though?" I ask. "Im fine" Harry responds. With in seconds harry is tugging at my ear with his teeth and rubbing my thigh. "Harry, no. Not here." I say. "Lets go some where else then baby." Harry says with lust in his eyes. I reach over and rub his area. "No." I respond flatly. "Babe stop. No you little tease we're going." Harry growls. "Harry im not going anywhe-" i begon "except my bed. Or we can do it standing in the bathroom." Harry growls quietly in my ear. "Harry, ill call niall." I threaten. "Thats it." Harry whisper shouts grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder. "Harry put me down now!" I demand. My phone rings out in the silent library. "Oh shoot." I say grabbing my phone. "Harry its 4:15! I was supposed to pick Alisha up at 4!" I exclaim. "Kay. Lets go." Harry says not putting me down. When we get to harrys car he sets me in the passenger seat aand walk around where he sits down and pulls out his keys. He looks over at me brushes my hair away and kisses me caressing my face in his palms. I kiss him back and run my fingers through his hair. He jumps over the component in the middle of the seats and sits on my lap. He flips us over so he tops and unbuckles my pants. His large left hand moves my underwear aside and rubs me. I moan in his mouth and then brake apart. "Harry, we just got back together! No! And i need to pick up Alisha!" Harry pauses and stares at me. "Come on Kai, just a little more." Harrys eyes are still dark with lust. I bite my lip, "no more." I command. Harry laughs and i give him a funny look. He moves his finger inside of me. I squeak. "That was sexy." Harry laughs. "Harry. No. More." I say. "I top, i control." Harry replies. Taking his finger out and putting it back in. "And i control this relationship or i call niall!" I say opening the car door. Harry quickly pulls his hand away and jumps back to the drivers seat. "I thought so." I sigh.

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