Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


18. Is Harry so over

Harry's eyes flutter open then shut. He mumbles quietly, "Kai?" My heart skips a beat as I rush to his side. "I'm hear haz. I'm here." I tell him as i rub his hand comfortingly. Liams figure moves toward the wall where he presses the button and calls the nurse in. A single tear streams down my face. The nurse knocks on the door and Liam  guides her in. I am drawn away from Harry and the nurse tries to have Harry grip her finger. There is no luck. She next attempts to have Harry twist. He denies her efforts and mumbles "kai" again. My face twists in pain knowing that the nurse needs her room and I can't help Harry. Liam takes my hand in his and guides me out of the room. We stroll down the street hand in hand in the brisk night air. "You love him don't you?" Liam asks. "Of course I do Li." I smile. He nods, "Good because he sure as hell loves you." I nod my head a little and look away. We walk in silence for a little while until Liam says, "You know Niall still loves you?" I don't respond so Liam stops and turns me toward him. "Kaili, Niall is in love with you. He made a huge mistake we all know that but we also all know he's been waiting a long time for his princess." I give Liam a slight grin hoping it will get him off my back. However it doesn't. He continues, "Do you know how much that pains Harry? Niall and Harry are one of the closest pairs out of all of us. Harry's best mate is becoming depressed over his girlfriend. Do you know how that affects everyone? I'm not saying you need to leave Harry but maybe you should forgive Ni. Hm?" Without a response from me Liam pulls us back toward the hospital. We walk in and bump into none other than Niall. Liam raises his eyebrows lets go of my hand and continues walking, "Hi Kaili." Niall stutters. "Helloo Niall." I grimace. "Something wrong?" "No, I just feel guilty for holding a grudge on you. You made a mistake I understand that I'm sorry." Nialls face brightens immediately. He crashes his lips onto mine and licks my lip for entrance. I haven't been kissed in so long. I open and grant him access. Hoisted onto Nialls hips I run my fingers through his hair. He moans and I feel him growing hard against my air. This made me a tad damp. "is it okay this time?" Niall asks. "Yes" I say putting my lips back on his. Liam returns to the lobby quietly. "Kai, Harry is.... awake." He pauses. "Oh uh. uhhh. sorry."

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