Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


11. Daddy Daughter Connection

I hear Alisha crying from her room and groan, I really don't want to get up but I'm sure she's having a bad dream. The crying stops. Why would she just stop crying with in that small period of time. I run across the hall and see Alisha clutching to Harry sobbing "Daddy, daddy they were after me. They wanted to hurt me... and you... and mama." I smile at how Alisha is trusting Harry and Harry is gently stroking her hair telling her it was just a dream. I tiptoe away from the scene and back to bed. Minutes later Harry comes back in sits besides me and reassures me Alisha had just had a bad dream. "Harry, you're such a good father. I'm really glad your back." I sit up and lean into Harry. He drapes his arm around my shoulder and I fit my head into his shoulder. "I'm really happy to be back with you." Harry kisses me on the head. "We should go out to breakfast when Alisha wakes again. I'll buy." Harry continues. "What time is it?" I say startled at the thought of already having breakfast. "It's already 7:45. Alisha will probably sleep another 30 minutes." Harry replies. We snuggle as a couple and watch the telly until Alisha comes stumbling in. "Dadda help me get dressed?" she says sleepily. "Of course baby." Harry jumps out of bed and walks with Alisha back to her room to pick out her clothes. When they come back Alisha is in a ruffled pink skirt, a short sleeved blue shirt and her small Mary Jane black flats. "You look pretty!" I exclaim to Alisha. She walks out of the room after smiling and goes toward the kitchen. "Should I fallow her?" Harry asks. "No, she knows how to turn on the telly she'll just be watching some cartoons" I smile. "Come here and get dressed." I becon. "I erm dont have any clothes here though." Harry mumbles. "Come help me find something to wear and I think i might have some old clothes of yours actually." I tell him. Harry picks out some skinny jeans and a crop top I slip them on and then open a drawer of old clothes I never wear. I open and shut a couple until I find one filled with some of Harry's old clothes. "Here they are, you left these when we spliit. I never clean this out so I guess they're still here. Take what ever you want." I say turning to leave. Harry grabs my wrist, "Thank you." he says. "No problem" I say leaving him to dress. I brush my teeth and my hair and begin to put on make up when Harry enters the bathroom to brush his teeth with a new tooth brush I had set out. "Don't put that stuff on." Harry mumbles through the foam in his mouth. "Why?" I ask. It's just make up I wear it all the time. Harry spits out the toothpaste and rinses out his mouth. "Because you already look stunning, don't hide it with make up!" he responds. "aw, I love you. Okay I guess I won't use it today." I say removing the small amount of make up I had already applied. We walk out of the room holding hands. "Alisha are you ready for breakfast?" I ask her. She nods yes so I take her hand in my free hand and we walk out into the warm weather together, as a family, connected by hands but together with love.



























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