Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


9. Alisha and Harry meet

"Alisha!" I exclaim as soon as I walk into the brick building. She runs into my open arms and hugs me tightly. "I'm so sorry!" I say glancing up at the teacher. "It's okay, one time a Mom left her kid here for an hour because she was getting a fake tan and her nails done. You aren't the only one whos done this." She says sympathetically. "Thank you so much for keeping her entertained." I smile thanking her once again. "How was school Honey?" I ask turning my attention back to Alisha. "It was good mommy. We had play time and Liam and I played tag! Can he come over this weekend?" Alisha says. "We'll see Sweetie." I respond. "Oh my god she's just like Niall." Harry whispers. I turn my head around and smile up at Harry. I grab his hand a rub it slowly with my thumb. "Are you okay?" I ask. "Yeah, look at her eyes they're exactly like his!" Harry said. Alisha tugged on my hand until I tore my eyes away from Harry. "Yes?" I asked. Alisha came up to my ear and whispered "Whos dat mommy?" "What'd she say babe?" Harry asks from behind me. "She asked who you were." I said slowly. "Alisha, this is Harry. Harry is... daddy."  "Dadda?" Alisha asks. "Yes, Dadda" I repeat with tears in my eyes. "Daddy!" Alisha yells running over to Harry and hugging his leg. Harry smiled down at her and said "Hey princess." "Where were you dadda?" Alisha asks with interest in her eyes. "I.... I.... I was finding the perfect time to bring this to Mommy. She left it somewhere a long time ago." Harry said and reached in his back pocket. "Har-" "Will you put on this promise ring as a symbol of what we will someday have. I lost you for so long and I cant risk it happening again." Harry said holding up a ring with Alisha still holding onto his leg. "Yes!"  I smile. Harry grabs my hand and slides the ring onto my fourth finger. "Its beautiful babe." I smile kissing Harry on the cheek. Harry was not happy with that though. He grabbed me dipped me down and kissed me passionatly. "Mama..." Alisha said. Harry and I return to standing and look at Alisha. "Lets go baby girl." Harry says picking up Alisha and hoisting her onto his waist.














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