Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


14. Accident results in....

A/N: COMMENT IF YOU'RE A FAN! I LOVE FANS SO I WANNA TALK TO SOME OF YOU GUYS! "Alisha come on!" I begged her to move faster as she wabbled around the hallway exploring everything. "Lets go see Dadda!" I say in a happy baby voice to try and make her determined. She perked up a little at the thought of that but didnt move fast enough for my liking. I grabbed her and put her on my hip. I began a steady trot to make it to the front desk. "Hi I'm here to see One Direction." I say with a slight smile to the lady at the desk. "No one is allowed to see them. How'd you even find them?" She asked. "I'm Harry's girlfriend! I need to see them!" I exclaim. "I'm sorry I'm not allowed to let anyone up." the lady said. I felt a tear trickle down my face and then a marathon of them follow. "Please, please let me see them. I need to see them!" I cry. "Kaili?" a voice from the left says. I turn and see Paul. "Paul I need to see them!" I sob. "I'll take you to them." Paul tells me. "She's fine." Paul nods at the lady. I follow Paul into the elevator. He pushes the 14th floor button and the elevator begins to move. I wipe my eyes and try to become more presentable. The elevator dings and the doors slide open to reveal a vacant floor with a few nurses floating into rooms. Paul escorts me down the left hall and stops at room 351. I leave Alisha with Paul and open the door. Harry was on the bed unconcious hooked up to what seemed like hundreds of tubes. "NO!" I fall at his bed side and cry. "Harry? Harry please. Listen to me, answer me, HARRY!" I sob. "Harry! HARRY!" I histericly yell. A pair of hands grab me and pull me up. They put my head into their chest where I continue crying. They smooth my hair down just like Harry did before he left. "It'll be ok Kai." The person says. I look up to see the blond haired boy I can never forgive. I stumble back and stare at him. "Kaili, please don't. I wont hurt you. I can't even begin saying how sorry I am for what I did to you. It was wrong." He mutters staring at the ground. I shake my head with wide eyes. "Mommy?" Alisha walks into the room. Niall looks up and sees her. He stutters and then asks, "Is she... is she mine?" "No, she will never be known as YOUR child. I will never ever say shes anyones other than Harry." I defend as I bring Alisha close. "Kai, im so-" "Save it Niall" I snap. "Hi, I'm Niall what's your name sweetie?" He asks bending down next to us. Alisha looks up to me and says, "Where's dadda?" "I'm right here baby." Niall says desperate to be with Alisha. "You're not dadda! Wheres Daddy, Mommy?" She repeats. Niall sits down shaking his head and I respond to Alisha, "Hes not here right now. I'm going to take you to Grandmas! You get to stay with Grandma for a while, ok?" I tell her. "Yay Grama!" Alisha claps. "I'll be back later. Tell paul to call me if something happens." I say over my shoulder. "Paul call you?" Niall asks. "Yes Niall, PAUL calls me." I dropped Alisha off at my mothers. Shes always happy to spend time with Alisha and as soon as I told her the circumstances she assured me Alisha would be fine with her for as long as I needed her. I immediately drove back to the hospital where I came up and just sat in Harrys room listening to the beep of the monitors. I absent mindedly pulled out my phone and opened twitter. All of my tweets where about One Direction. I had followed some of the fans who flipped out but now all I can see in my feed is "One direction car crash" "I wish they would tell us how the boys were" "Kaili should update us". I couldnt take it so i tweeted "If I unfollow you I'm sorry. I need some personal time but I promise when I'm better I will do a follow spree. Love you all!" and i unfollowed most of the fans I had followed. Harrys breathing stoped and then he let out a large sigh. I felt so hopeless. I opened my music and began playing "Ho Hey" and sang to Harrys lifeless body just as I had done in the car. I felt a presence behind me watching me listening to me. "Are you okay Kaili?" Liam asks. I turn to see him on crutches and his head wrapped in bandages. "I dont know what to do Li. I feel so helpless. I was on the phone with him when it happened and I can't help but feel that I should blame the accident on myself." I respond. "There's no way that any of this was your fault. There was a drunk cab driver and Lou swerved to avoid him but we spun out of control. He tried to stop us but we spun into a truck. There's nothing you could've possibly done." Liam assured me. A/N: Again comment below if your a fan I really wanna talk to some of you! Oh and be ready for my book on Amazon which is probably coming sort of soon.
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