1D's sister

Hi im kenzi Miller ! My brothers are niall horan , louis tomlinson , and harry styles ! I know what your thinking different last names , we have different dads ! my bestfriend is ally downey ! Im 12 years old ! This is my adventure being the world famouse one directions little sister !


4. day 3

 kenzi pov

i woke up at five this morning . and guess how i woke up ........ the wake up song. we checked out of the hotel and made are way through screeming fans. we finally got to the airport at 5:30 . we boarded the plane and took are seats . i sat by niall and lou . ally sat by harry and liam . and zayn sat by paul. once the plane took off it got hectic . lou was throwing carrots at people and liam was getting on to him . niall was eating his 5th plate of food . harry and zayn were singing as loud as they could and  me and ally where having a dance off. paul was watching a movie on his phone.  then me and ally decided to beg for a puppy . " paul please let us have a puppy " i begged " no " he said coldly " please or im going to scream as loud as i can and then i will lose my voice the i wont be able to sing " ally said " maybe " paul said " ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ally screamed " oh fine you can have a puppy " paul said  " yay yayayayayayayay " me and ally cheered. " why are you so happy " liam asked " we finally get a puppy " yayayayayayayay" liam squeled like a little girl or just like us . * we are now landing in new york please fasen your seat belts* every on rushed back to thier seats but on the way me and the boys got stoped by fans wanting  pics or autographs . when we landed it just got worse the fans were wild . niall was tripped then dogpiled . lou was stabed with a carrot . people were chasing liam with spoons. zayn was trapped in a circle with people holding water guns , water balloons, and buckets of water. fans were chasing harry with  flat irons . me and ally just hid behind paul while he saved all the boys .we finally got to the hotel and checked in . we were sharing rooms with different people since allys family was in and she was staying in their hotel room .i was sharing with niall and lou . harry was right next door with zayn and liam . paul had his own room . " niall what time is it " i asked " noon why love " " im starving is there a nandos near by" "i hope"  " ill google it " i pulled out my phone and googled nandos in new york . " nope " i said sadly " KKKKKEEEEEEVVVVIIIIINNNNNN" lou yelled

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