1D's sister

Hi im kenzi Miller ! My brothers are niall horan , louis tomlinson , and harry styles ! I know what your thinking different last names , we have different dads ! my bestfriend is ally downey ! Im 12 years old ! This is my adventure being the world famouse one directions little sister !


3. day 2

*kenzis pov*

i woke up this morning feeling very excited ! are first show was tonight at 7:00 but first we have vocal lessons , rehersals, hair and make up , then finally the show ! speaking of the show i wish caleb could be there but he cant fly all the way over here for a four hour concert ! speaking of caleb i forgot to call him. i pull out my phone and diall his number . "hello" he answerd in his cute little morning voice. "hey babe i just realized i didnt call you last night and just tell you what we are doing today " "okay go on " "so we are getting ready to go to vocal lessons then we go to rehersal then we go to hair and make up and then me and ally are on stage." "seems like a busy day are you nervous""suprisingly no im not nervous at all im really excited ! but i wish you were here with me " "i wish i was there with you to baby " right then harry bust through the door " kenzi i need your hairspray !" harry yelled "its in the bathroom " i yelled back "caleb ive got to go love you by" then i hung up "harry leave my hairspray in here i need it " i yelled "your gonna have to come get it " he yelled running out of the room . oh its on. " HARRY GET BACK HERE" "NEVER MISS MIMI ME " he calls me miss mini me becous i look like him but with brown eyes " OKAY ITS OFFICALLY ON CURLY" i chase him around the  hotel until he finally trips" hahaha thats what you get for stealing hairspray " "its not funny that really hurt " he wined . we walked back up to are hotel roomout of breath for running. i finally get back to my room . "where have you been" ally asked worringly " oh dont worry , its just curly here decided to run of with my hair spray" i said " guys its time for vocal lessons lets go" yelled niall " okay lets go ally " i said . i was wearing sweats and a t-shirt with my hair in a messy bun. we got into the van outside the hotel and drove to our lessons . when we got there we went into a private room where no fans were there. " okay now sing la la la la " our teacher told us " la la la la" we all sang .


lessons were over so we got back in the van and drove to the arena where the cocert was going to be held . when we arived we all ran in to the HUGE building " this is amazing ! " i yelled " i know right " replied lou with a face full of carrets .  paul led us back stage to our dressing rooms to get ready ! me and ally shared a dressing room , and all the boys shared one . me and ally went in an was emeditly surrounded by hair and make up people . we sat in a chair while they did are hair and make up . one that was done we went to rehersal . i started to get butter flies even though it was just practace.  the screen opened reveeling me and ally and we started to sing " im bullet proof nothing to lose fire away fire away "  so rehersal is over so now for clothing . we walked back to our dressing room feeling very excited . we walked in and was surrounded by fashion desighners ! we wwere put into very casuel wear . i was wearing a white flowy tank top with some bright blue jean shorts with white sandals. ally was wearing the same thing but with bright pink shorts. " omg we only have ten mins. till we go on stage!" ally yelled ! we started doing a happy dance when there was a knock on the door " come in " "hey lil sis " niall said as him and all the boy came in . " hey " i said hyperly " are you ready for this , after tonight you wont beable to step foot out side with out getting crouded by fans ! " liam said " uhhh are we going to have a security gaurd " "well duh " niall said in his retarded voice " kenzi and ally 5 mins." me and ally looked each other " well lets go " i said as i walked out the door . every one followed me until we where where the screens open. our music started and the screen slowy opened > we sang bullet proof and then stood there admiring the croud . it was amazing hearing people yell your name ! " hey france are you ready to see one direction ? " they all screamed even louder " well then lets het this party started " ally said we ran of the stage and the boys ran on . they sang all the songs then told france good night then left the stage concert was over . i look at the clock and it read 12:35 a.m. and we have to leave for the airport at six in the morning ! " guys we need to get to the hotel " i said and everyone agreed so we left and went back to the hotel . we arived at the hotel and went strait to are rooms . me   and ally walked in are room " so you wanna watch a movie " i asked "sure what movie " "pitch perfect " i practically yelled " okay you put it in im to lazy" ally said  . we watched pitch perfect and when it was over we said goodnight and went to bed . and with that i wwas asleep.

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