1D's sister

Hi im kenzi Miller ! My brothers are niall horan , louis tomlinson , and harry styles ! I know what your thinking different last names , we have different dads ! my bestfriend is ally downey ! Im 12 years old ! This is my adventure being the world famouse one directions little sister !


1. Day one

"kenzies pov"

"niall hurry up were gonna be late ! " i yelled upstairs . Me , Ally , my mom , and all the boys are leaving to go to france in one hour ! im soo excited ! Me and ally are the opening act !  " Im going as fast as i can kenzi so be quiet !" he yelled back.

louis comes running down the stairs with many carrots in his hands. " uhm lou why do you have so many carrots ?"  i asked him. " For the flight dummy , Its gonna be a long flight and where are the boys and ally they should be here by now ?" asked lou "Uh, i dont know ally should be here any minuet now and ask niall or harry their your friends not mine ! " I said " Oh you know you like them too !" lou teased "Fine maybe a little but only becouse they basically live here !" I stated *KNOCK KNOCK* "ILL GET IT " i yelled . It was ally wearing under armor sweats and a Baggy t-shirt with her hair in a bun . " Heyyy      ally ! are you as excited as i am ? " i asked " Well duh 1 were going to france and 2 we are opening up for one direction  "   She said excitedly " GUYS THE BOYS JUST GOT HERE ITS TIME TO GO " she yelled from the front door . We all rushed outside to see that liam and zayn already in the van with paul . *skip car ride* So we arive at the airport with millions of girls screaming tryin to get a glimpse of us . so once inside i pull out my phone to call caleb ( my boyfriend ) " hello" "hey i just wanted to tell you that we are about to board are flight to france " " thats so cool babe i wish i could be their with you " aww hes so sweet ! " i know i wish you were here to babe im gonna miss you so much " "im gonna miss you to baby" FLIGHT TO FRANCE IS BOARDING NOW " sorry babe but they just called my flight so i got to go i love you so much babe ill call you when i get to france " " okay baby i love you too have a good flight " "will do by " "by" We hung up and found are seats on the flight . *SKIP FLIGHT*  We are finally in france ! Im so tired ! *SKIP CAR RIDE TO HOTEL* we are in are hotel rooms IM sharing one with ally . " Hey ally im going to bed " "ok me to im exousted " and with that we were asleep

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