extrordinary events

Melody just started going to Bardon University she is having a hard time fitting in when someone unexpected shows up! Louis Tomlinson from one direction! When they start hanging out what will happen next. A twisted mix of events will happen that's what read to find out more.


4. the date

I was so shocked still. I mean what are the chances in that happening one in one million. Omg I want to tell Someone so bad but I don't want to spread the word. I eventually fell asleep and sure enough had a text from louis he added his own contact in my phone as boo bear. He said he would pick me up at eight. I straightened my hair and got in a sweatshirt skinny jeans and uggs. I was hoping it was no where fancy. He showed up in my favorite car a black convertable mustang. I just didn't like where we were going a club. The one place I could easily screw this up. We got out of the car and went in he went to order a few drinks. I was so scared of ruining this and that was all I remember. Louis pov. --- I didn't mean to get her drunk she was acting crazy and funny till she passed out. I felt so guilty I took her key from her purse and layed her in her bed. I stayed the night hoping she wouldn't be pissed in the morning.
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