extrordinary events

Melody just started going to Bardon University she is having a hard time fitting in when someone unexpected shows up! Louis Tomlinson from one direction! When they start hanging out what will happen next. A twisted mix of events will happen that's what read to find out more.


2. not invited

Melody's pov:]
I woke up and got dressed. I didn't really care how I looked so I put on a blue tanktop and put a sweater over it I put on some skinny jeans boots and a baseball cap and went for a walk. I went outside to see Sophie standing there "What do you want!" I asked.
"Nothing. "
"Then what are you doing here!"
"I go here!" She said.
Oh great now I half to deal with her! Of course her. The girl who tried to drown me two years ago. I started walking away and Sophie yelled "Wait!!" I came back over and asked "What." I'm having a party tommorow its gonna be really cool one direction is coming to do a song and Justin bieber it is gonna be really cool. But your not invited. "
"Why did u tell me then?"
"Just to let you know."
Wow she just wanted to let me know more like to taunt me wow thays low. Justin bieber and one direction probably weren't even coming. I walked away and went on a jog I got back and go took a shower. I came back to my room and heard a ton of music it was probably from the party. I just got something to eat and went straight to bed. A few hours after I fell asleep I heard a knock at the door. I got up put a robe over my pjs (wich were just a sports bra and short shorts) and got up to answer the door.
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