extrordinary events

Melody just started going to Bardon University she is having a hard time fitting in when someone unexpected shows up! Louis Tomlinson from one direction! When they start hanging out what will happen next. A twisted mix of events will happen that's what read to find out more.


3. Louis Tomlinson

I opened the door to see Louise Tomlinson standing there. "Excuse me can I borrow your phone really quick please?!"
I went over and grabbed my phone and tossed it to him. He didn't catch it. "Sorry!" He said.
"Its fine."
He picked it up and went in the closet he was in there for five mins than came out and handed me my phone.
"Thanks again."
"Your welcome? Why did you need it anyways."
"Oh my phone is dead and I had a few drinks so I asked niall to pick me up."
"What's your number?"
Was louis tomlinson just asking me for my number!?! I handed him a slip of paper with my number on it. "Cool do you wanna hang out sometime or maybe go out?!" I was shocked louise tomlinson from one direction just asked me out! "Sure that would be cool." I said I heard a car honk "I got to go bye!" I waved and was so happy I couldn't wait to talk to Louis again. I went to bed just thinking all about Louis.
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