extrordinary events

Melody just started going to Bardon University she is having a hard time fitting in when someone unexpected shows up! Louis Tomlinson from one direction! When they start hanging out what will happen next. A twisted mix of events will happen that's what read to find out more.


1. Bardon University

Melody's pov:]
Why should I half to got college anyways. I have a good education. I have a jod. I have money. Enough money for a flat. But of course dad is making me go. Maybe it would be good for me I could get a better job than working at nandos. I have always wanted to be in the arts and produce music and stuff like that. I guess I'll give college a shot. I walked into my dorm room and my dorm mate was putting one direction posters all over her side of the room and I mean all over I couldn't even see the wall. She had everything one direction her lamp her bed spread her curtains her walls her computer her clothes her everything. She looked at me and asked," What's your name."
"Cool I'm Sarah."
She looked up at her walls and said.
"Yeah I'm a little obsessed!"
I turned away and started unpacking. I put up a Skinny Puppy poster. A few of my artworks and a bill board mixed with wipeboard. I wrote Fences on it considering that is my favorite song. I started setting up my laptop computer keyboard you know that stuff. I was really tired so I just put on my headphones played some music and went to bed.
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