Now Or Never

Niall and Emma got along from the day they met. Both the same age, Niall being 6 months older than Emma. They’ve known each other since they were three. The two spent every day with each other. And by coincidence they were in the same classes. They were two peas in a pod, the best of friends, almost like siblings I guess you could say. Until one day everything went downhill. As they were both 8, Emma’s mother died. In addition, her father started drinking and smoking and eventually went into depression. Emma and her father had moved from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. The two inseparable were torn apart.


9. Week Off

~Louis’ P.O.V.~

We have a week off from school and I thought we could do something since we don’t have anything planned. I’m glad I go to the same school as Harry and Emma. I’ve known Emma for about 2 years when she started dating Harry for about 2 years I think. I stomp down the stairs to where Harry and Emma are sitting. “Mornin’” I say very groggily. “Good Morning.” They reply. “Hey, since we aren’t doing anything this week whaddya guys say we hang out today. Go to a movie and some ice cream or something.” I ask. “Sounds Great!” Emma says quickly. “We should bring Niall too. If you guys are okay with it.” Emma insists. “I’m fine with it. Harry?” I look at Harry waiting for his response. “Oh, uh, yeah. Fine with me.” He says. “Mmkay. I’ll go ask him.” Emma implies.

~Harry’s P.O.V.~

“I’ll go with you.” I tell Emma. I really hate her talking to him by herself. We go to Niall’s flat next door and Emma knocks as I stand behind her. He quickly answers. “Morning, Niall.” Emma starts. “Hey.” He says. “Harry, Louis, and I are going to movie and ice cream tomorrow. Do you wanna come?” She asks him. “Yeah, sure. Sounds good.” Niall replies. Damn it. Couldn’t he have been busy or something.


The next day.

Dammit, the school called and they asked me to stop by and help out with some recording issues. Said it might be a couple hours but it’s extra credit. With that, I don’t really have a choice. I’m good with all the recording and stuff but when it comes to doing actual school paper work then I might as well jump off a cliff. “Hey, babe.” Emma said and walked towards me. “Hey.”

“What’s wrong? You looked…. Sorry?”

“I am. Can I call a rain check for tonight? It’s just the school called and asked me to help with some recording issues and it’s extra credit it so-“

“Harry, Harry, its fine.” She giggled at how much I was explaining. “I’ll just go with Louis and Niall.” I mentally frowned with Niall in the picture.

“Okay. Thanks babe.” I gave her a peck on the lips and hurried out the flat.


~Niall’s P.O.V.~

It was about time to go to the movie so I made my way to Emma, Harry, and Louis’ flat. When I got there the door was already open. “Hello?”

“Oh, Niall! Hi, I’m in the kitchen!” I heard Emma yell. I walked into the kitchen and she was wearing a casual laced blue dress with a black belt above the waist and white Toms. Wow…. Was all I could think. “Lou!!! Are you ready yet?!” She yelled towards Louis.

“Oh, sorry, Em. I forgot I have to pass on the movie tonight! I’m picking up two old friends of mine!! I know it was my idea but I totally forgot!!” He answered back.

Emma sighed. “Niall?”

“Mmhmm?” I replied a little confused.

“You aren’t going to bail on me tonight are you?” She asked. I chuckled.

“No.” I said with a little giggle.

“Thank you. Lou planned this whole thing. So whaddya say we just leave now and walk there. The theatre isn’t too far.” Emma said.

“Sounds good. It’ll give us a time to catch up too.” I told her and she smiled. With that, I melted little inside.

“Lou!! Lock the door!! I’m leaving early!!”

“Okay!! Hey, can you bring me an ice cream on the way back too!!” Lou asked. She laughed and replied,”Bye, Lou!!” He came rushing down the stairs and whispered to walk faster. “Wait!! Pleaase Em get me some ice cream!!” He yelled out the window as we were already outside. She laughed even more and so did I. We just kept walking.

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