Now Or Never

Niall and Emma got along from the day they met. Both the same age, Niall being 6 months older than Emma. They’ve known each other since they were three. The two spent every day with each other. And by coincidence they were in the same classes. They were two peas in a pod, the best of friends, almost like siblings I guess you could say. Until one day everything went downhill. As they were both 8, Emma’s mother died. In addition, her father started drinking and smoking and eventually went into depression. Emma and her father had moved from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. The two inseparable were torn apart.


14. Please Don't Take Her

~Harry’s P.O.V.~

“Where are they?” I said out loud. “Calm down mate, they’re just hiding.” Liam said trying to calm me down. But I couldn’t help but be worried. I mean if they are hiding together than that means they’re by themselves in a tight space. I can’t take it. No, Harry clear your head, she’s yours, all yours.

*thump* *thump* *crash*

“Guys did you hear that?” I asked. Something was going on. “Yeah I think we all heard it.” Niall said. “What do you think it is?” Louis said. “It’s probably Zayn and Emma trying to scare us.” Liam tried calming us down.


“I don’t think that was them.” I said. “Hey, guys.” Zayn said behind us. We all jump. “Dammit, Zayn. You scared us. Where’s Emma?” I asked. “Sorry, I do-“ “AHHHHHHH” Emma screamed behind us. We jumped and Niall grabbed a pan. Zayn and Emma started cracking up. “Oh my gosh, you should’ve seen your…” “Faces.” Emma started and Zayn finished. “Screw you guys.” I said. “Aww, I’m sorry, Babe. We were just having a little fun that’s all. I just put on a fake mad face and crossed my arms. “Ohhh, come on Harry. I’m sorry. Do you forgive me?” She spoke like she was speaking to a baby. “Hmph.” I said like a little kid. “Not until you give me a kiss.” I told her. “Fine.” She got on her tiptoes and kissed me passionately but ended quickly as the boys were still in the room.

“So how did you guys make those crash noises?” Liam asked as I wrapped my arms around Em’s waist from behind. “Crashes? We only made thumping noises by pounding on the walls.” Zayn said. “Haha, very funny guys.” Niall said. “Umm, babe?” Emma said. “Mmhmm.” I replied. “We’re serious. We don’t know what you guys are talking about.” She said and exchanged looks with Zayn. They looked serious. “You guys better not be screwing with us.” Louis said. “Lou, we’re not lying.” Zayn said trying to reassure us. “Then what was it?” Niall asked. They just shrugged their shoulders.


We all walked to the corner of the room, Emma standing behind me. The boys grabbed the bag of baseball bats we had just brought in. They each took one along with me. Emma gripped the back of my shirt, wrinkling it. We heard the door open and we waited to see who it was. It was a man. “JACK!!!” Emma yelled and ran towards him. “Hey, Em.” She engulfed him in a hug. I’m really hoping this is the last guy she surprises me with. “Hey, Jack.” Zayn said. “Zayn?” He said. “No way, I haven’t seen you two for so long.” He walked towards Zayn as Emma just stood there smiling. “Hey, umm, you didn’t happen to see anyone else come in did you? Or hit anything?” I asked. “Uh, no. The door was open and I saw Emma walk in so I thought I’d say hi.” He said. “Then that me-.” We were interrupted when a man came running in and stabbed Emma in the stomach. No, No, NOO!!! It was her father!! He whispered something in her ear. Before I could get to her, he pulled the knife away and sprinted out the house.

Emma dropped to the floor. “Emma!!!” We all screamed. “Call the police and an ambulance!!” I yelled, tears engulfing my eyes. “I’ll go chase him.” Louis said. “I’ll go too.” Niall said. “Emma, please, please, stay with me. Please!! Just look at me… Emma.” I said as Zayn and Jack came and sat next to me waiting for the ambulance. She’s losing so much blood. Zayn was in so much shock. No tears, he was just shocked. “Emma, please, look in my eyes, please, just so I know you’re here.” I tried keeping her conscious. “Harry….” She tried to speak. “What is it?” I said tears streaming down my face like a storm that never stops. “I’m scared, Harry. It hurts.” She could barely get the words out. She was gulping and trying to taking big breaths of air. “I’m sorry. But it’s going to be okay, I promise.”

 It felt like she was drifting away from me. I won’t let it happen. “Harry….” She took a pause to breath. “I… Love you.” She said. “Tell me after this is all okay. Okay?” She nodded in response. “I want you to look in my eyes until the ambulance gets here.” She nodded one more time. “Dammit!! Where are they?!!” I screamed frustrated. “They’ll be here soon.” Zayn said. I couldn’t keep cool. Emma realized and gripped the hand that wasn’t supporting her. She squeezed it tight and it calmed me down a little. She kept looking me in the eyes as I asked but after a short while she slowly started drifting away. Her eyes were completely shut. “No, Emma. Emma, no!! Please, don’t take her from me…. Please. I need her. Please.” I was speaking more to God than Zayn.

I heard the sirens, picked up Emma and brought her outside, not wanting to waste any time. They took her and put her in the ambulance. “Do you two want to ride with us?” The medic asked. We just nodded. We were about to get in when we heard Louis and Niall. “Harry!! Zayn!! We’ll meet you at the hospital!!”

The doors closed and they started plugging and poking needles into Emma. “Is she alright?” Zayn asked. “She’s breathing but she’s on the verge of life and death. She lost a lot of blood and the wound is deep.” The same medic answered quickly. “Please, save her.” I pleaded. “We will do our best.” She said.

Please, don’t take my love away. I’m begging you.

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