Now Or Never

Niall and Emma got along from the day they met. Both the same age, Niall being 6 months older than Emma. They’ve known each other since they were three. The two spent every day with each other. And by coincidence they were in the same classes. They were two peas in a pod, the best of friends, almost like siblings I guess you could say. Until one day everything went downhill. As they were both 8, Emma’s mother died. In addition, her father started drinking and smoking and eventually went into depression. Emma and her father had moved from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. The two inseparable were torn apart.


3. Old Friends and Old Memos

Emmas POV I woke up with the sound of the birds. Harry was probably in the shower since I hadn’t seen him yet. I decided to go down stairs for some tea when I heard the phone ring. "Hello?" I said nervously. "Hi Emma, its Aly!" My face lighted up from the sound of my best friend from elementary school. Aly has always been one of those friends who you share everything with. Hearing her voice really reminded me of home "Oh my gosh Aly its really you!"

 "I know! I’ve missed you so much! How’s California?"

 "It’s been amazing! I wish you were here."

 "So, hows Harry? Have you guys gotton to third base yet?" I could hear her giggle.

 "Aly!!!" I yelled.

 "Haha, what?"

 "You are so immature sometimes." I said with a grin.

 "I know. So have you seen Louis lately?" She asked. Aly had always had a crush on Louis. You could easily tell. We all know Louis liked her too, but he wouldnt admit it.

"You do realize you could just visit and ask him out right?"

 "Yes but its too expensive."

"Ok Aly I have to go Harrys almost done."

 "Bye Em!" I could hear the creak of the stairs as Harry came down in nothing but boxers and a tank top.

"Hey Em." He said with his dimples easily showing.

 "Hi Haz. How'd you sleep?"

 "Great. Except for when you kept kicking me." He laughed which made me giggle. "So who were you talking to?"

 "Oh no one just one of my old friends from school." As I picked up my tea I felt Harry's hand wrap around my small waist.

"Yes Harry?"

 "What do you you want to do today?" I could feel his raspy morning voice vibrate through my body. "Maybe we could take a walk in the park?"

 "Sounds great! I just have to get dressed." I said and ran up the stairs, Harry following close behind.

I ran into Harrys room and grabbed some clothes I had brought over a couple of days before. I went into the bathroom, curled by hair and put some light make up on. Harry never likes it when I wore make up, but I couldn’t live without it. I put on my dark blue jeans, a pink tank top and some converse. When I opened the door to the hallway I noticed I had a text message. I slowly picked up the phone and saw the message was from my dad. I opened the text, it read: "Emma its your dad. I know Ive been angry lately and I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" As soon as i finished reading my mouth dropped. I knew I could never trust my dad, let alone forgive him. For years and years he had abused me. Why would he pick now to stop? I was about to text back but i heard Harry coming out from his room. I quickly put my phone in my purse and acted like nothing had happened. "Who texted you?" He said. "Oh no one" I said nervously. As soon as I had said that Harry knew something was up. I decided to ignore it. "So are we going or what?" ••• Once we got to the car door Harry pulled me into a close hug. "Your so cute." I started to blush as his big green eyes stared into mine. I kissed him on the cheek and hopped into the car.

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