Now Or Never

Niall and Emma got along from the day they met. Both the same age, Niall being 6 months older than Emma. They’ve known each other since they were three. The two spent every day with each other. And by coincidence they were in the same classes. They were two peas in a pod, the best of friends, almost like siblings I guess you could say. Until one day everything went downhill. As they were both 8, Emma’s mother died. In addition, her father started drinking and smoking and eventually went into depression. Emma and her father had moved from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. The two inseparable were torn apart.


11. King and Queen

~Harry’s P.O.V.~

*Sigh* I just got home and the recording issues were more trouble than I expected. I plop on the couch when I hear the door open. Emma and Niall walk in laughing. “Hey, Harry!! When did you get back?” Emma asked and gave me a hug.

“Just now. How was the movie? And where’s Lou?” I asked.

“The movie was great and Lou couldn’t come. He went to pick up some friends of his at the airport or something.” She explained. Wait, WHAT?!!! IF LOU DIDN’T GO THEN THAT MEANS IT WAS JUST NIALL AND EMMA!! DAMMIT!!! IT’S ALMOST LIKE A DATE THEN!! WHY COULDN’T I JUST HAVE GONE. My thoughts were interrupted when Lou walked in.

“Talking about the Queen again now are ya?!” Lou said as he walked in the door with some beers and chicken. His two friends walked in as well. We just laughed at his entrance.

“Sorry Lou. But I’m pretty sure I’m the queen.” Emma sassed him.

“Excuse youuuu. But I’m the queen missy and you’re the peasant.” Lou talked back to her putting most his weight on one leg with his hand on his hip while the other snap in a Z-formation.

“Oh yeah, well then I guess the ‘peasant’ wasn’t nice enough to bring back the queen some ice cream.” She said pulling out an ice cream cone and was about to take a lick when Lou stopped her.


“Bow down to me.” Emma said taking control. Lou bowed down and she gave him the ice cream cone. He ran away to his friend and I burst out laughing. She turned back towards me and I grasped her waist.

“You’re without a doubt my queen.” She giggled and planted a kiss on my lips.

“And you’re my handsome king.”

“Don’t you forget it.” She giggled. “Now did you think about bringing me ice cream”

“Of course I did your highness.” She said and grabbed the ice cream. She kneeled down on one knee and presented the ice cream to me like they would in a movie. I was about to grab it when she pulled away and licked the ice cream herself. “You did not just do that.” She took another lick.

“Oh but I did.” She sassed back to me.

“You better run.” With that she took off running around the kitchen and hiding behind Louis. “Hiding behind Lou won’t do any good my queen.”

She whispered something in Lou’s ear and all of a sudden he looked desperate. “DON’T WORRY MY QUEEN!!! I’LL SAVE YOU FROM THE RACHET KING!!!” He picked her up and ran away from me. Wait, did he just call me rachet? I looked at my clothes. Oh well. I chased after the two, both with ice cream in their hands. I caught them and Lou put Emma down surrendering to me. “ I’m sorry my queen, I wasn’t able to fulfill your duties.” Louis said as he walked away.

“LOUIS!!” Emma yelled. She tried to runaway but I caught her by the waist.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. I thought the queen knew better but to run away from a king.” I said in a low raspy voice.

~Emma’s P.O.V.~

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. I thought the queen knew better but to run away from a king.” Harry said in a deep voice that sent me trembling throughout my whole body. “ Can I have my ice cream now?”

“No.” I said as I kept licking the ice cream.

“Fine.” He said and picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I laughed.

“Harry, put me down!!” I told him.

“Okay.” He put me down and pulled my in between his leg on the couch, my back against him. “ I want my ice cream now.”

“Uh uh.” I said. After I took another lick he turned my face around and gave me a kiss.

“I said I want my ice cream now.” I giggled and gave him the ice cream. I looked over at Lou to see who his friends were.  One person took me by surprise….



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