Now Or Never

Niall and Emma got along from the day they met. Both the same age, Niall being 6 months older than Emma. They’ve known each other since they were three. The two spent every day with each other. And by coincidence they were in the same classes. They were two peas in a pod, the best of friends, almost like siblings I guess you could say. Until one day everything went downhill. As they were both 8, Emma’s mother died. In addition, her father started drinking and smoking and eventually went into depression. Emma and her father had moved from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. The two inseparable were torn apart.


18. Harry's Fears

~Narrative POV~

“Babe, I’m going to the grocery store with Liam and Louis. Are you okay if I left for a bit?” Harry asked his girlfriend. Being the caring guy he is, he didn’t want to leave Emma’s side. Especially after what happened.

“Don’t worry about me, Haz. Besides, Zayn and Niall will be here.” She reassured him. But that’s what really tipped him off. He had a frowning face as he stood in the door way. It wasn’t anger or jealousy, it was more like fear. He stood there looking at her as if it was the last time he would see her. “H-harry? What’s wrong, baby?”

“Uh. Nothing just a bit scared, that’s all.” Obviously Emma didn’t know what could scare him.

“Of what? Come here. Talk to me.” Worried written right across her face, she patted the space next to her on the couch. He rested his head on her lapped and stretched the rest of his body on the couch. “Soo… what is it that your scared of?”

He held a long pause before answering her stabbing question, “Zayn and Niall.” He quickly spat out.

“Babe, they’re like your brothers. Why are you scared of them? What would they do to you?”

Once again, he held a long pause. “I’m afraid they’ll steal your heart from me. I know how they look at you. I just don’t want to give you to anyone. I want to be the one you see when you walk down the aisle. I want you to be the one I have a happy family with. Seeing you hold our child and smiling as you watch the sleeping baby in your arms. I want to grow old with you. To never have to let go of you, that’s my goal and dream. Because I can’t imagine a future without you.” Tears formed in her eyes as he continued to sugar her with words. He sat up and looked her in the eyes and said, “Emma Harries, I love you. Always…” She cut his words off with a passionate kiss. It lasted a few seconds before she finished his sentence for him, “ and Forever.”

 They smiled into each other’s eyes with their fore heads gently pressed together. “Always and Forever.” Harry repeated to himself as he got off the couch.

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