Forever In Love

Sam moves from Oregon to California. Sam, her brother Ashton and Her dad all moved and she didnt like the move at all. She goes to a new magical school with her neighbors Stella and Ryan though she is not magical at all...... yet.... This may start out where everything seems innocent but trust me..... it will get more mature as i go. Ryan is a vampire and Stella is a witch.


2. Leaving for School

Chapter 2


I had to admit that Ryan guy was very generous, he was also really cute, but I don't know that might be awkward for Stella since we just became friends and all. Well I don't know he was a bit annoying too. Hmm ill wait a month or two to see how it goes.


I start to look at where I'm gonna put my furniture. When I go to the boxes I pull out my green paint, brushes and a tarp. I start walking up the stairs to my room and when I get there I put the tarp down then I start to paint my room an emerald green. When I finish I got down stairs for dinner.


I turn to Ashton. “Do you think that Ryan guy likes me? He was pretty fast at asking if he can help.”

“Nah, he probably just wanted to help.”


“Yeah, thats probably true. Well I better go and put my stuff in my room the paint should be dry by now.”


I walk up to my room and I start putting together my furniture. When I finally finish I walk to the window and Stella sees me. She walks over and opens her window. We start to talk. With out us even noticing Ryan walks in and starts listening.


“Stella be honest.”




“Do you think Ryan likes me? His eyes lit up the first time he saw me.”


“I don't know. Ryan maybe my older brother but I have no clue what happens when he likes someone.”


“Oh. Well I just had to ask because it was on my mind.”


“Yeah I understand.”


“Well anyway wanna see my room?”


“Sure. Ill be there in a min.”


“Why don't you just go through the windows? I have a board we can put here so we can pass through.”


“Ok that seems good.”


I pull out the board and shove it in between the window sills and it fits snugly. We both smile and she crawls over into my room and whistles.


“Pretty cool huh.”


“Cool? This is awesome.”




When we finish look at the room I just notice Ryan looking a bit shocked. I then wonder if he over heard our conversation and I blush a bit.

“Uh.... Stella.” I say quietly and I nod to Ryan.


“Oh. Did he hear our conversation?”


“I think so.”


“Well I better go.”


“Alright bye Stella. See you tomorrow at school.”




“Alright bye.”


“Bye Sam.”


She crawls across and I close my window after she leaves and I climb into my bed. I lay awake thinking if Ryan had heard our conversation, but before I could think for to long I drift off to sleep.


I wake up the next morning and get ready for school. As I grab my backpack Stella knock on my window and asks if I'm ready. I nod.




“ALRIGHT HAVE FUN!” he yelled back


I crawl into Stella's room and then Ryan walks in. We all hold hands, Ryan to my left and Stella to my right, and we get teleported to the school to start our day.



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