Forever In Love

Sam moves from Oregon to California. Sam, her brother Ashton and Her dad all moved and she didnt like the move at all. She goes to a new magical school with her neighbors Stella and Ryan though she is not magical at all...... yet.... This may start out where everything seems innocent but trust me..... it will get more mature as i go. Ryan is a vampire and Stella is a witch.


1. Leaving and getting comfy



I wake up the next morning regretting I ever did. Today is the day that I move to California. I currently live in Oregon and my dad is transferred to California for his job and they are keeping us there.


I go to the bathroom and get changed. I come out a few minutes later as my older brother Ashton passes me. He glances at my outfit and then turn away. I glare at him. After all my outfit is country because I was born in Oregon but my brother was born in New York. He was always being rude to me but was very protective.


As soon as I grab my backpack I get into the moving van and just wait for my dad and brother. I get out my Ipod and start to listen to my music and I close my eyes just waiting there. When I finally feel the van start up my eyes fling open and I see my dad and brother in the car ready to go.


We start to drive away and I look back at our old house and think how sad I'm gonna be when I have to wait for my pets. I close my eyes but I open them when my phone buzzes from a text. I read it and see its my best guy friend and he wants to say goodbye in person. I ask my dad and he pulls over. I run up to his door and I knock......


When he opens the door I fling myself into his arms. He hugs me tight and I start to sniffle. He was my first friend and I didn't want to leave him but I had to. As we said goodbye I walked back to the van teary eyed and I climbed in and I waved as we leave.


Chapter 1


We get to California and I look out the window blankly. As we come to a stop I look and see we are at our new house. My window is right across from my next door neighbors window. I look at my room. I think this could use some work but it will have to do. I open my window and my new neighbor sees me and goes to her window and opens it.


“Hey you must be the new neighbors. My name is Stella.” she says.


“Hi I'm Sam. Yeah, I just moved in from Oregon.” I say.


“Cool. Well, its nice to meet you. Hey do you wanna meet my brother?” she says to me.


“Sure. What do I have to loose?” I mutter.


When she comes back with her brother he looks at me and I see in his eyes that he has fallen for me. I smile politely to him.


“Hi my name is Sam.” I say to him.


“Hi.... I'm Ryan.” he says.


I again smile politely and we all three talk for a bit. I here a knock on my door and I go and open it. I see Ashton and hes jerking his head out towards the moving van.


“Oh yeah sorry. By the way Ashton I want you to meet our neighbors Stella and Ryan. They are very nice.”


We both walk to the window and I introduce them to Ashton. We talk for a bit and then we remember the van.


“Well we better go and unpack the moving van.” I say.


Ryan's eyes look at me and he opens his mouth to speak. “Can I help?”


“Uh...... Sure if you really want to.”


We close the window and start unloading boxes from the van when Ryan comes and walks straight to me to help with the boxes. I blush and go get more boxes. When we finish unloading the boxes I politely thank Ryan and I watch as he leaves.

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