Forever In Love

Sam moves from Oregon to California. Sam, her brother Ashton and Her dad all moved and she didnt like the move at all. She goes to a new magical school with her neighbors Stella and Ryan though she is not magical at all...... yet.... This may start out where everything seems innocent but trust me..... it will get more mature as i go. Ryan is a vampire and Stella is a witch.


3. Drake

Chapter 3


I get my class scheduled with the same classes as Ryan. We walk in together and this guy says, “Hey look Ryan finally got someone to like him?” he snickers. I blush and walk to my assigned seat. I see Ryan is sitting next to the guy who spoke up. He says in a low voice to him. “Shes good looking how did you hook up with her?” “We aren't dating shes just my neighbor.” “So shes single?” “I think.” He looks at me and I'm writing down notes that the teacher showed me. The class ends and I get up. I walk to my locker. I sense someone behind me. I turn and see the guy.

“Hey Beautiful. Whats your name?”

“Its Samantha but all of my friends call me Sam.”


“I'm Drake. Whats you next class?” he asks me.


I look at my schedule. “Battle training....???”


“So do I, lets go together.”


We walk in and everyone stares at us. Everyone knew that when Drake was hanging out with a girl he was usually dating her or liked her. I of course didn't know that. We put our backpacks down and everyone was still staring at us.


“What are they looking at?” I ask him.


“They're looking at us...” he smiles at his friends.


Everyone turns back to the teacher when he starts talking. The teacher goes over to me and starts talking to me. I nod and then I watch. The bell rings. I pick up my backpack and I wait for Ryan at the door. Drake walks up to me and he looks at my schedule. “I have every class you do.” I smile politely at him.


“Thats cool.”


“Yeah lets go.”




He gets infuriated, pushes me to a wall and kisses me. I try to push him away but can't. Ryan sees him and pulls him off of me. He grabs my hand and brings me to the next class.


We walk in together still holding hands and I release his hand. I blush and we sit down. I turn my head slightly and can't help but look at Drake. He was watching Ryan and I. I sit there and watch as the teacher explains everything.



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