One Direction Imagines

Give me your name, the boy you want, what you look like, and you age. If you could to make the imagine better, answer these questions in your comments. Where do you want the imagine to be? Are you single or Dating(I can make him get jealous of your boyfriend or something like that)? If answered dating, what's your boyfriend's name? Are you dating one of the other 1D boys, but you want to be with him? Sex or no sex? Any special holidays: your b-day, his b-day, valentines day, etc.
Hope you enjoy :D


1. Niall Sexual Content


You're on the phone with boyfriend, Niall Horan, while he's on tour. You ask him how he's doing. He says he's fine and while he's in the middle of asking how you are, you can Liam's voice yelling in the background saying,"No, he's not fine. All he does is talk about how much he misses you!!"

A/N: I know it's short so I'm putting two more under this.


"You fell asleep in my suitcase," you say to your ex-boyfriend, Niall Horan. "Yes," he says, getting up. "Because I'm not letting you leave without me." Before you can say anything, he kisses you. When you break apart, he says,"Come on tour with me. Don't go back to the states." You nod and kiss him again. "Yay!! (Y/N) isn't leaving!!," screams Louis. You and Niall break apart, laughing. "I love you," he whispers. "I love you," reply.


You're at a strip club doing your job, stripping. You go backstage when your done. "(Y/N), a Mr. Horan has requested some play time with you if know what I mean," said Caleb, your boss's assistant, wiggling his eyebrows. I've never had a Mr. Horan before, you think. "What room?," you say. "214," says Caleb. You nod. After changing into the outfit Mr. Horan chose for you, you walk up the stairs to room 214. Before opening the door, you look at your outfit. A black corset crop top with black lace panties and thigh high black leather boots. As soon as you open the door, your pulled in and someone's lips are smashed to yours.You hear the door slam. Next, you are pushed against a wall. He leaves your lips and starts kissing your neck. Untying your corset, Mr. Horan grabs your bum and give it a squeeze. No man that has ever requested you has been so aggressive with you and you like it. Once he's done with your top, his lips go straight for your exposed nipples. All of a sudden, he backs up and stares at you. What the hell is this man doing?, you think. While he's in front of you, you take a good look at him. Blonde hair, bright blue eyes that you can see even in the light there is in the room, and a nice build. He seems to be judging you. You just stand there until he comes to you and presses you against the wall again. "Your my slut. Be ready for tomorrow because we'll be doing more," he whispers in your ear. Then, he grabs one breast and your bum with the other hand and squeezes hard, but in a pleasurable way. Then, he leaves the room. You pick up your top, put it on, and walk back to your station. "Go to the poles, (Y/N)," says Caleb. You go and look at all the men while you dance and strip. Then, you notice Mr. Horan in the crowd of horny men staring at you. You couldn't wait for tomorrow...


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