One Direction Imagines

Give me your name, the boy you want, what you look like, and you age. If you could to make the imagine better, answer these questions in your comments. Where do you want the imagine to be? Are you single or Dating(I can make him get jealous of your boyfriend or something like that)? If answered dating, what's your boyfriend's name? Are you dating one of the other 1D boys, but you want to be with him? Sex or no sex? Any special holidays: your b-day, his b-day, valentines day, etc.
Hope you enjoy :D


2. Harry Sexual Content


"You did what?!?!?!?!," Harry screams at you. You flinch. "How could you have sex with Louis?," he continues to scream. "You're mine!!!!!! It's bad enough all the guys flirt with you, but then you go have sex with one of them?!?!?!?!," he screams. "Harry, I-," you try to say, but you're cut off by Harry saying,"You're getting a punishment." Huh?, you think. Before you know what's happening, Harry is on top of you. He quickly pulls you're shirt off and kisses your neck. He looks at your red lace bra, realizes in unsnaps in the front, and pulls it off. He licks your nipples, making them pebble. He then leaves butterfly kisses down your belly. He pulls down your shorts and looks at your panties that match your bra. Then, he bites the lace fabric and pulls them down your legs with his mouth. He quickly gets up to take off his clothes. Then, he gets back on top of you and grabs your wrists. Pulling your wrists above your head, he puts your wrists in one of his hands as he takes his other hand and fingers you with three digits. "Uh....oohh....mmmm,"you moan. "You like that, (Y/N), don't you? You're such a slut," he says as he hits your g-spot. "AH," you scream. He takes his fingers out of you. "You suck," you scream at him. "Beg me. You have to persuade me to enter you," he says with a mischievous grin.  "No way," you say. "Fine. I'll stay right here until you beg me." You roll your eyes. I can't believe my fiance is doing this to me, you think. "Harry, please. Please I need you in me. I love you. Please," you say. "Not good enough," he says. "Please, Curly-boy. I'm about to reach an orgasm just looking at you," you say. You were the only person allowed to call him Curly-boy. "You're convincing me," he says. "Fuck me hard, god dammit!!!!," you scream. You knew that's what he wanted. "If you say so," he says. As he enters you, you say,"Harder and faster, Curly," you say. "Okay," he says. He thrusts hard. He keeps thrusting, faster with every thrust. You feel your orgasm coming. He starts to go slower. "I'm about to come," he breathes through clenched  teeth. "Me too," you say. All of a sudden you feel a wave of pleasure. "HARRY!!!!!!!," you scream the same time he screams,"(Y/N)!!!!!!!!!!!!!" When it's over, he slides out of you. He lays down on the floor next to you and says,"Can Louis make you scream like that?"

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