Nialler's Princess FINISHED!!!

Niall and Alecia have known each other from the start. Their mum's had met in a restaurant when Alecia's mum accidentally spilt coffee on a pregnant woman... Niall's mum. The girls became friends and Alecia's mum adopted Alecia at the age of 4 mos. Read on to find out when Niall and Alecia are older.

Xx Morganna
; )


18. The Meet and Greet: Alecia's Danger

Niall's P.O.V.

"GET THE HECK OFF OF ME YOU FREAKING FAN!!!!" screamed as loud as loud could possibly get. All I knew was that it came from the "Meet and Greet" line. Then the line got quiet and I heard a yell that shattered my heart into billions of tiny crushed pieces.


Anna's P.O.V.

All I know is Alecia yelled at a fan telling the fan to get off her and she shrieked in terror of the fan. The fan had pulled out a frying pan and threatened to hit her with it. Then another one came up with a broomstick and whacked her with the handle and knocked her out the girl with the frying pan said, '' You stay away from Niall and you will never get hurt again!!" then whacked her with the frying pan to knock her out

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