Nialler's Princess FINISHED!!!

Niall and Alecia have known each other from the start. Their mum's had met in a restaurant when Alecia's mum accidentally spilt coffee on a pregnant woman... Niall's mum. The girls became friends and Alecia's mum adopted Alecia at the age of 4 mos. Read on to find out when Niall and Alecia are older.

Xx Morganna
; )


1. No more Niall or Mullager, Ireland

Alecia's P.O.V.

"Niall, I-i" I run off I couldn't tell him I was moving, even worse I couldn't tell him that I love him he'll text me any ti- I feel a vibration on my bum I reach in my pocket and see who had just texted me I run to my secret garden behind the woods and read my text





Alecia bug, whats wrong txt me back... whatever happened, I'm sorry it shouldn't had happened to you.


I smile at the text then start tearing up it's so sad that I may never see that sweet, loving, and carefree Niall again. To keep from crying I wipe my eyes and reply





Nialler, im moving from mullagar from ireland from you im sorry i ran off i couldnt bear telling it to your face come to "IT"





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