Nialler's Princess FINISHED!!!

Niall and Alecia have known each other from the start. Their mum's had met in a restaurant when Alecia's mum accidentally spilt coffee on a pregnant woman... Niall's mum. The girls became friends and Alecia's mum adopted Alecia at the age of 4 mos. Read on to find out when Niall and Alecia are older.

Xx Morganna
; )


16. Niall's Voice again

Alecia's P.O.V.

I just got out of the hospital over an hour ago and it figures i was strapped to the bed and my foot was broken AGAIN! Anna is taking me to a One Direction concert... some new band. Also, the best part is we get front seats and backstage passes. We got them from Niall!!! He is the best boyfriend anyone could have!!


Later at the concert...


Alecia's P.O.V.

Apparently there were 15 rows of "front row seats" ( Really i don't know but lets say there is just for this chapter) and tons of girls jumping up and down screaming and i couldn't see a thing at all! "ANNA!" I scream but my screams sound like me just plain talking compared to all the girls screaming.


gosh i thought this popular?!!! then I hear this singing, it sounded like Niall's amazing voice singing,

"You'll never treat yourself right right darlin but i want you to

If i let you know im here for you maybe you'll love yourself like i love you


Is Niall famous?!


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