Nialler's Princess FINISHED!!!

Niall and Alecia have known each other from the start. Their mum's had met in a restaurant when Alecia's mum accidentally spilt coffee on a pregnant woman... Niall's mum. The girls became friends and Alecia's mum adopted Alecia at the age of 4 mos. Read on to find out when Niall and Alecia are older.

Xx Morganna
; )


29. Is it true?

3 weeks later

Alecia's P.O.V.

I woke up with a bad feeling I had to throw up. I rush to the bathroom just in time to puke. I felt crappy and it stunk because not only had I been doing this for the past week but my friends were sleeping over.


Sara's P.O.V.

 I woke up to a stench and loud gagging coming from upstairs. I run up there and see Alecia sitting down by the toilet sniffling and her eyes silky looking from crying, "What's wrong?" I say not even bothering to call her by her nickname, "A-Bug". "Come here" she whispers. I walk over there nervous of what I think she is going to say. I-I I think I'm-"


Alecia's P.O.V.

"- pregnant" I say with tears slipping out of my eyes. Her face was shocked as she said, " Get in the car now!!"


Skip to the hospital

Still Alecia's P.O.V.

"If I'm pregnant, Sara you will be the aunt along with all the other girls and the boys will be the uncles. Please, please keep on being my friend through thick and thin" I say. "of course I would!!!!!" We sign in and we sit down until we hear, "Alecia Moore please come here." I take a deep breath and walk up to the nurse who is there. "Follow me, please." she says sort of rudly. I follow and walk over and she starts asking me questions

N-Nurse A-Alecia

N- Have you had any pains latly?

a- no ma'am

n- have you had morning sickness yet


n- okay how long do you think you have been pregant

a- 2 or 3 weeks

n- okay lay down right here she says pointing to a bed

I obey and lie down she rubs a blue jelly like substance on my slightly grown stomach and I close my eyes and pass out.

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