Nialler's Princess FINISHED!!!

Niall and Alecia have known each other from the start. Their mum's had met in a restaurant when Alecia's mum accidentally spilt coffee on a pregnant woman... Niall's mum. The girls became friends and Alecia's mum adopted Alecia at the age of 4 mos. Read on to find out when Niall and Alecia are older.

Xx Morganna
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26. Getting Ready

Alecia's P.O.V.

"Anytime" Ines said smiling. She walked out of the room and left. Leaving me to call Eleanor Louis's ex girlfriend.

E= Eleanor



E- "Hellooo, this is Elea how may I help you?" she said trying very hard not to laugh knowing it was me

A- "Umm... I need a complete adorable makeover very quick!!!" I say trying to sound frantic

E- "That's it really?" she totally failed to sound super frustrated, instead she sounded super silly giggling her head off!!!

A-" You have to hurry... QUICK!! or Niall will not see me look beautimous!!"

E- "I'm coming im coming!!"

The phone line went dead as I laughed to myself, Niall will be SOOOO surprised!!! Especially at how im gonna look.


Do you think that she is gonna wear what Ines picked out or something else? Please comment!! I love all my Princess's comments so PWETTY PWESE COMMENT!!


Xx Morganna

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