One Direction Imagines (Not making anymore :( sorry)

Sorry guys, I am completely out of ideas. My brain is fried I apologize to all of you people who I said I was doing one for. You can still read the ones I have done.


7. You get into a fight (Louis)


“What’s wrong Ashley?” Your boyfriend Louis asks you.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” You lie. You have been getting a lot of hate from his fans, and you just can’t take it anymore. You don’t want to talk to him about it because they are his fans. He will probably get angry.

“No, there is something wrong. You always sit with me on the couch. You haven’t been the same all week.” you had been avoiding him all week.

“There is nothing wrong with me, I’m fine.” You say kind of defensively.

“I’m your boyfriend, you can tell me anything.” he says starting to get concerned.

“Louis, really I’m fine. Stop asking.” You slightly yell.

“Just tell me what's wrong, and I will stop asking you.” He yells back.

“I can’t tell you.” You say getting up, and walking into the bathroom. You stand in front of the mirror, and take a deep breath. He walks in and stands behind you.

“Yes you can tell me.” he begs. You’re starting to get really annoyed with him begging you. You roll your eyes, and walk past him, and into the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Stop walking away from Me.” he yells at you. “Tell me what’s going on. I can’t do anything if you won’t tell me.” You take a deep breath, and get ready to tell him.

“I’m sick and tired of all the hate, I can’t take it anymore.” You yell. He starts laughing.

“Are you talking about my fans? They don’t matter, just ignore It.” he says carelessly.

“You’re standing up for them.” You say offended.

“Why do you care so much about what they think? Plus, there is nothing I can do about It.” he says brushing it off.

“So you don’t care that people hate me. You can do something. You can tell them to stop. You don’t even care about me.” you start to yell at him.

“Calm down, it’s not such a big deal.” He yells.

“Yes it is Louis, they are mean to me. I can’t stand it anymore.” You tell him.

“Well the door is right there, just leave.” He yells pointing at the door. Tears start flowing down you cheeks.

“Fine, I’ll leave then. I’ll come back for my stuff tomorrow. I hate you!” You say through your tears. You start to walk towards the door, but before you can leave you feel his hand on your shoulder. “What?” you yell at him. “What do you want now.” You see tears coming down his eyes, and you were shocked.

“I’m sorry, please don’t leave. I love you.” He begged.

“Do you mean that?” you say starting to calm down. He nodded, and wiped your tears, and kissed your lips romantically.

“You’re mine, and you can’t get out of it that easily.” He said drawing you in with his watery eyes. “I love you”

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