One Direction Imagines (Not making anymore :( sorry)

Sorry guys, I am completely out of ideas. My brain is fried I apologize to all of you people who I said I was doing one for. You can still read the ones I have done.


12. how you meet (Louis)


You walk around the video store looking for anything that will make you cry. The one movie you really want is The Notebook; you look all over the store, but you can’t find it anywhere. You see a man standing by one of the shelves; you figure he is working there, so you tap him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me sir, can you please help me find a movie?” you ask him. He turns around, and smiles.

“Sure thing love, what movie would you like to find?” he asks you.

“I need to find the Notebook.” You tell him. He walks past you, and into one of the aisles. He looks around at all of the movies; looking for the movie you want.

“Um… I can’t find it, how about…” he picks up a movie off of the shelf. “This one.” He says handing it to you.

“Finding Nemo?” you say laughing.

“Yeah, that movie is a classic; you are never going to get that kind of pure emotion from the Notebook.” You look back at the guy trying to figure out if he is serious or not. You look at his shirt and then it hits you.

“You don’t work here do you?” you ask him blushing.

“No, I don’t, but I really meant what I said about Finding Nemo.” He says pointing at the movie in your hands.

“Oh my god that is so embarrassing, I’m so sorry.” You quickly turn around, and walk away.

“Wait, you forgot the movie.” He says grabbing your shoulder, and spinning you around. “By the way, I’m Louis.” He holds his hand out towards you. You smile, and shake his hand.

“Well Louis, I’m so sorry I thought you worked here, and I really appreciate your amazing taste in films, is there any way I can repay you for my terrible mistake.” You say laughing a little.

“You could invite me over to watch Finding Nemo with you.” He says with a flirtatious wink. You giggle awkwardly. You take a deep breath, and roll your eyes.

“I guess I have to. So, it’s a date.” You say.

“The first of many.” He says.

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