One Direction Imagines (Not making anymore :( sorry)

Sorry guys, I am completely out of ideas. My brain is fried I apologize to all of you people who I said I was doing one for. You can still read the ones I have done.


19. How you meet (Harry)


You walk into Starbucks to start your shift. You open the store, and you are going to be there until it closes again. You spend the day behind the counter as the incredibly slow day goes by. You take orders from maybe 100 people all day, and that’s it. When the store is completely empty you put your elbows on the counter and rest your hands in your head. A tall boy with curly hair walks up to the door. He looks at something on the door and then cups his hands around his face and presses them to the door to look in. When he sees you, you wave him in.

“The sign says your closed.” He says. You look at him with wide eyes, and you feel heat rise up your cheeks.

“Really?” you ask him a little embarrassed. He nods his head, and then you walk out from behind the counter to switch the sign. It’s near closing time, so you decided just to keep it closed. “Congratulations you are the last costumer.” You say to the boy who is now waiting at the counter for you. All the other staff left, and you are the only one there.

“Can I get a coffee cake and a black coffee with cream?” You look up at him confused and laugh.

“You know if you put cream in it it’s no longer black coffee.” You say as you punch in the order.

“I knew that.” He said blushing cutely. “I’m exhausted.” He put his elbows on the counter, and rested his head in his hands mirroring your previous position. You had to try hard not to touch his hair which was now in reach of your hand. For some reason you feel comfortable around this boy; like you have known him all your life.

“Can I get a name.” you say trying to distract yourself from the very attractive boy.

“I’m the only one here, do you really need my name?” he said looking around the empty room.

“Yeah, its procedure.” You lie, it’s really because you just want to know his name.

“Harry. Do you mind if I do some work before you have to close up?” he asked you exposing the laptop in his hands. You were surprised that you hadn’t seen it before.

“Knock yourself out.” you say as you turn around to get his order. “Where are you from, by the way, I love your accent.” You say as you wait for his coffee to finish.

“I’m from England.” He said, you already knew that based on his accent, but you decided not to ask him to specify. When you finish making his coffee you grab a coffee cake, and bring it to him. “Thank you very much.” He says, and then flicks your name tag. “(Y/N).” He added.

“Well I have to get back to work.” You pause. “Harry.” You say laughing as you mimic him. You make your way back behind the counter and return to your previous lazy position behind the counter. He starts laughing, and you look at him curiously. “What?” you ask him.

“You’re a really hard worker.” You laugh.

“I try.” You say sarcastically.

“Why don’t you join me? I could use some company.” You agree easily, and walk over to the couch he is sitting on. You sit next to him and glance at his laptop screen. He was writing some report. You sit with him comfortably, and then your stomach decides to make the most embarrassing low grumbling noise. Your eyes get wide as you quickly look at him to see if he heard. “Are you okay?” he asks you, your cheeks immediately blush.

“Yeah, I’m just hungry.” You say with an awkward giggle. He glances behind you at the food in the display case.

“Why don’t you eat something?” he asked you a little sarcastically.

“I’m not allowed to eat that food. I skipped my lunch today, because at the time I wasn’t hungry.” You say with a sigh.

“I can buy you something.” He said with a sweet smile, exposing the cutest dimples. You smile back at him, and find it hard to reject anything from such an attractive person. “Here, get some food.” he said handing you ten dollars. You gratefully took the money, and slid it into the register after you got a muffin.

“Thank you Harry.” You say to him as you sit down again, and hand him the remaining money.

“Anything for such a beautiful girl.” You blush again. “When do you have to close up?” he asked you, pealing his eyes off of the work in front of him.

“Well we closed twenty minutes ago, but I’m not allowed to leave until all the costumers are gone.” You tell him.

“Oh, sorry. I can leave.” He says apologetically.

“No, you’re good. Plus, you seem to have a lot of work to do.” You say politely. You spend a long time talking to him, getting to know him. Laughing most of the time, and flirting a little. He even let you touch his hair. “Oh man, it's midnight.” You say looking at the clock for the first time since he arrived.

“Wow, really. I have gotten absolutely no work down.” he said laughing.

“Technically I was supposed to forcibly remove you from the vicinity two hours ago. That’s what it says in the rule book.” You both laugh. “So much for the rules.”

“I should get going.” He said closing his laptop, and stretching. You had already given him your number before. “I will call you.” He said. “I promise.” He said before leaning towards you, and kissing you sweetly on the cheek. You giggle before returning the favor by kissing him quickly on the lips.

“Bye Harry.” You say pulling away from his lips.

“See ya later (Y/N)” he said with a sweet smile before leaving.

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