One Direction Imagines (Not making anymore :( sorry)

Sorry guys, I am completely out of ideas. My brain is fried I apologize to all of you people who I said I was doing one for. You can still read the ones I have done.


9. how you meet (Harry)


You walk down the dark unlit street alone. Just trying to get back to your apartment as fast as you can. You are so paranoid, and you can swear someone is following you. You start walking faster. When you get really scared you decide to walk into a little convenient store a couple blocks away from your apartment. You walk around, and look at everything, not planning on buying anything. A guy walks in a few minutes after you do. You don’t really make contact with him until he walks up to you.

“Excuse me.” he said to you. “You dropped this back at the mall.” he said handing you a twenty dollar bill.

“You have been following me for ten minutes just to give me my money back.” You smile.

“Well I saw you drop it back at the mall, but I lost you. I was looking for you, and here you are.” He said with a cute smile “I’m Harry.”

“Thank you very much Harry that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done.” You were really grateful. “You’re a nice guy right?” you ask him, when you get an idea.

“Um… well I guess so.” He said confused.

“Can you please walk with me to my apartment? It’s really dark outside, and I’m kind of scared.” You say anticipating a no.

“Yeah, I will walk with you. A beautiful Woman like you shouldn’t walk alone in the dark.” He says, you blush.

“Thank you.” He walks you home, and you give him your number before he leaves. “Wait, don’t leave yet. How far away do you live from here?” you ask him.

“Just across town.” He says.

“How about I call a Taxi for you. It’s the least I can do after you walked me home.” You insist, and he agrees. When the Taxi gets to your apartment building you walk with him down and pay for it.

“No, I can pay for it. Don't worry." he says rejecting your money. "Call me if you ever need someone to walk with you.” He says, and then the Taxi drives away.

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