I'm Not Crazy Right? ~ 1D FanFic

Mikhayla is a normal girl, or so she thaught. She lives in the woods, alone, by her self, until one day the perfect boy band one direction sees her and takes her in. Good idea right! ya, not so much. . . . . . .


1. Are You Ok?

Liams POV


All the boys froze in their place and started cleaning up. About ten minutes later the living room was spotless.

'Wanna go for a walk in the woods guys?' niall said

'Ya it will be fun' harry said while getting up

We started walking down the path when zayn noticed something.


'Guys whats that' he asked sounding a little scared.

'What' louis asked

'That' he said pointing to a figure that looked like it was running from something.

'What is th-' harry got cut off by a loud ear peircing scream.

Then a girl was thrown at us. she screamed even louder and her neck looked like it was shrinking. It went back to normal and she just randomly blacked out.


Nialls POV

'What the hell was that? Liam pick her up and bring her back to the house and put her in my room ok? ok' i said while walking back to the house.

'Okay?' liam said while picking her up.


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