Everything Has Changed

After having a car crash leave Louis in a coma, and Brooke forever scarred, what happens to the happy family that was planned? Stephanie and Harry are expecting a baby and Zayn is still on the loose. Will everything work out, or will that one night ruin everything?


3. Visitors

Brooke's P.O.V.

I hear the sound of giggling, and open my eyes to see Harry kissing Stephanie. ''Morning guys.'' I say, scaring them. ''Oh, um.....hi.'' Harry says awkwardly, as Stephanie shifts off his lap. ''How are you?'' I laugh, ''It's fine guys.'' Stephanie sighs and stands up. ''I'm gonna run down for a coffee. Want anything?'' ''Can I get a coffee please?'' I tell her. Harry nods, ''Me too love.'' Stephanie nods and rushes out the door. I turn to Harry, ''In a good mood this morning I see?'' He blushes, ''Yeah. Stephanie really helps.'' ''Well, she does a good job cheering people up.'' He nods, ''And with her being pregnant, I realized, I'm lucky.'' ''You are Harry. You're very lucky.'' I tear escapes my eyes, and Harry notices. He quickly wipes it away. ''I'm sorry! Did I upset you?'' I shake my head, ''No it's fine. You didn't do anything.'' Just then, Stephanie walks in with 3 coffees. ''Here.'' she says, handing them to us. ''Thanks baby.'' Harry says, pecking her cheek. ''Thanks.'' I say, taking a small sip. Stephanie sits down in a chair and sips her coffee. ''Any news from Liam and Dani?'' She asks Harry. He shakes his head, ''Nope. Nothing.'' ''I hope they're doing okay.'' I hear a ring from the table. ''Harry.'' I say, motioning to his phone. He stands up and walks to the table, grabbing it. ''Hello?'' He steps outside and closes the door, only to return in 30 seconds. ''Guess what?'' he asks, excitedly. I shrug, ''What?'' ''Liam and Dani are having a little boy!'' I clap, ''Yay!'' Stephanie hugs Harry, ''Good for them!'' He puts his phone down and returns to his seat. ''Liam just called, telling me. They had just come back from an ultrasound.'' I smile, ''That's amazing.'' Harry nods, ''Yeah. I have another surprise. They found out and are coming here to visit.'' I smile again, ''I can't wait to see them.''


''Hey!'' I hear someone calling, in a familiar voice. Then, Danielle rushes in. ''Dani!'' I say, as she hugs me. ''I missed you.'' She nods, ''Are you okay? What happened?'' ''Louis and I were in a car crash. H-he's in a coma.'' She frowns and hugs me tightly. ''I'm so sorry.'' Liam hears and hugs Harry, ''You okay mate?'' ''Yeah, I'm fine. Steph and I are having a baby.'' Dani and Liam smile, ''That's amazing.'' They each sit in a chair. ''Do you know the gender?'' Liam asks. Harry shakes his head. ''Not yet. Have you guys heard from Niall?'' ''Yes actually. Him and Maddie bought a house near Brooke.'' I smile and nod, ''Great. We're like, neighbors.'' ''Yeah, they're next to you.'' I smile again, ''That's so great.''


''Bye guys, see you later!'' Liam calls, as him and Danielle leave the room. I wave and wait for them to leave. ''Bye!'' Harry calls, before siting on a the floor. ''Come here baby.'' he calls to Stephanie. She sits on his lap, leaning against his chest, her eyes closing. ''Night Harry.'' she says. He chuckles, ''Night.'' I close my eyes, but feel a pain in my head. I wince and open my eyes, to see a concerned Harry looking at me. ''You okay?'' ''No. My head hurts.'' The pounding pain becomes worse. Harry carefully places the already asleep Stephanie next to him, and stands up. ''Where?'' I put mu hand over my forehead, where the pain was coming from. ''Right here.'' He moves my hand and puts his there. ''Ow.'' I say, wincing again. He quickly removes his hand and turns around. ''I'll get a doctor.'' ''Hurry please.'' I beg. As he leaves, the pain becomes overwhelming and my eyes slowly close, as I'm blanketed by darkness.


NOTE: Liam and Danielle aren't in this much. I know they only have a small part. Oh whale.

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