Everything Has Changed

After having a car crash leave Louis in a coma, and Brooke forever scarred, what happens to the happy family that was planned? Stephanie and Harry are expecting a baby and Zayn is still on the loose. Will everything work out, or will that one night ruin everything?


1. Intro and Recap

If you're reading this, you must have read the first and second book, and enjoyed them. Why would you be here if you didn't? Well, this, my friends, is the third book in my fanfiction series.


Book 1:

Brooke and Louis met, fell in love, and eventually got married. Zayn went all like evil and attempted to hurt them. A lot. Stephanie and Harry met, fell in love.


Book 2:

Brooke and Louis have a baby girl named Cassandra. Stephanie and Harry get married, expecting a baby now. Zayn does more mean crap. Then, car crash, and Louis is in a coma.


Book 3:

Read on and see.............

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