Everything Has Changed

After having a car crash leave Louis in a coma, and Brooke forever scarred, what happens to the happy family that was planned? Stephanie and Harry are expecting a baby and Zayn is still on the loose. Will everything work out, or will that one night ruin everything?


2. Devastated

Brooke's P.O.V.

As the tears hit my shirt, I listen to the silent sobs of Harry. I turn and see his shaking figure being embraced by Stephanie. ''Shh. Harry please. It's gonna be okay.'' Stephanie says soothingly, even thought she is clearly devastated. Harry covers his face with his hands and continues to sob. ''H-Harry.'' I say quietly. He ignores me. ''Harry please.'' He looks up and I see the tears continue to stream down his cheeks, out of his red eyes. ''I know you're upset. I am too. But we can't just give up. Louis could wake up.'' He sniffs, ''I just..I'm s-so scared. I've never ever been this scared. Ever.'' I nod understandingly, ''We're all scared, but you have a pregnant wife, who needs your support. You can't just forget about everything else in the world.'' I motion to a worried looking Stephanie, ''She needs you.'' He nods and turns to Stephanie, ''I love you babe.'' he says, pulling her close. He pulls her into his lap and closes his eyes. Stephanie mouths the words 'Thank you' and I nod. We exchange a smile, but the tears rolling down my cheeks don't stop.


Harry's P.O.V.

I close my eyes, with Stephanie in my lap, and the tears continue to flow. ''Baby?'' I say, ''Yeah?'' Stephanie answers. I open my eyes, ''I'm still scared. What if he doesn't wake up?'' She sighs and whispers, ''I don't know, but don't think about that.'' I nod and sniff, ''Okay.'' She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses my lips lightly. Our noses touch and she smiles, ''I love you.'' ''I love you too. Don't ever leave.'' She raises and eyebrow, ''What? Why-'' I cut her off, ''I mean, don't leave me alone. Don't get hurt, because I need you. If I had to live without you...well, I couldn't live without you. So please stay forever.'' She nods and kisses me again. ''I promise.''


I open my eyes and see Stephanie asleep in my lap. I notice the morning sun shining through a single window. Stephanie stirs but doesn't wake. I yawn and rub my eyes. I see Stephanie's eyes open and see stretches. ''Morning.'' I say, as she sits up. She waves, ''Hi.'' I notice the grogginess in her voice. ''Tired?'' She nods. I stand up and stretch my stiff legs. "Still upset?'' she asks. I cock my head, but remember the horrible news from yesterday. ''Yeah.'' I sit in the chair and lean against one arm, ''I still can't believe any of this.'' She sits next to me, ''I know. It'll be fine.'' I nod and plant a kiss on her forehead. ''Stay positive.'' I mutter. ''What?'' ''Nothing babe.'' I say. ''By the way, how are YOU feeling?'' I place a hand on her slightly large stomach. She laughs, ''I'm just fine.'' I smile, and lean down, kissing her stomach. ''At least something good is happening.''

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