Let's Jump


3. The Aftermath

Barney and Jenny huddled by the bag, it seemed to radiate the coldness that clung to death itself. Questions rushed through their heads. Repeatedly, always the same questions. Always the same answers. What had happened? Vicky had jumped into a train. Why? Because she couldn't let go of the past Why didn't we notice? Because we were too busy trying to move on ourselves What should have we done? Not move on, but accept it, not move past it, ignore it but feel the pain endure it then let it go....
Barney asked for sick leave, he didn't think he could handle it. The sickly stares, the pity filled faces and the empty words that flowed out of people's mouth. Words that seemed instinctive, not words that were filled with thought and actual sorrow. Sometimes there were people, who weren't sorry. They were curious,  they wanted to know the suicidal girl's brother. How was he handling it? Did he cry all the time? Or was he the type of mourner who barley shed a tear? Sometimes Barney preferred theses people, at least they weren't fake... Was Vicky a fake?.....
Jenny cried, cried, and cried. Then she got angry. Why? That was the only word she uttered. Why Vicky? Stupid God! Stupid man! If God existed why did he let this happen? Why? Then she got scared. Was she going crazy? Then she got mad again.  Mad at Vicky, for leaving her family like this. Didn't she know this would happen? Didn't she care? Anger filled her these days, she couldn't concentrate at uni. Who cared about her degree. Her frickin' sister was dead. Who cared if she got  A* all the time? Who cared if she could break the 100m time record? She'd always be known as the girl with the crazy sister who jumped.                           
Then one day, she stopped. No feelings. No sparks. Nothing.
She paced back and forth. Now what? She picked up the phone. Dialled Barney's phone.  He picked up. They spoke. They agreed. She hung up.
The next day they went to visit their mother.

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