Secretly Bound

He was the head of the school. She was the geek. Both bound together by a secret, a secret that changes their lives.


1. Prologue

Everybody on this earth is here for a reason. Some are minor reasons and others are major. You maybe be here to change someone's life or to be the next inventor of a gadget that changes the world for centuries to come; what ever your reason you don't leave this world with out completing it. We leave here with knowledge, an adventure, and even love from these reasons. My reason caused me to leave with all of this and more, a life that I did not want to leave but had to. I pray and beg every night that I could go back an stay with him and then my life will be complete, but I can not do that. This is all because of my reason why I am here, a reason I want to change. My name is Eliza and my reason is to protect.
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