Forbidden Love

Kathryn and Jenna meet Louis and Zayn and fall in love fast. They try to be together, but Kathryn and Jenna's father doesn't approve. Will they be together forever? Or will their love fall apart. With forbidden love, no one knows.


2. Jenna POV

My twin sister Kathryn and I got inside the arena and found our seats. We were right in the front row. Now, Kathryn and I have been die-hard directioners ever since we watched them on the X-Factor. The concert started and I forgot all about our plan as the 5 boys that basically ran my life, ran onto the stage and started the silly antics that they are so known for. Kathryn and I sang along and had massive smiles on our faces as the boys performed. My eyes were locked on them for 99% of the performance watching them sing like it was their last time they ever would. I watched Zayn as he sang his solo and for a brief moment his eyes locked onto mine. He smiled and finished his solo and they went onto the chorus. After they finished their song, Louis started talking, which made Kathryn unable to talk to. She was crazy about him. I only half-listened to what Louis was saying because I was busy with my own thoughts.

"Did he just smile at me? Did he just look at me? Oh my gosh what just happened?". The questions kept coming in and rolling around in my head as they continued the concert. At the end of the performance, Kathryn and I started walking away from our front row seats. We looked at each other and nodded. That was our sign for our devilish plan to begin. Our plan wasn't thought out well because I am a master at improvising. Besides, all of our little plans went something like this; I would come up with a cover story and Kathryn would go along with it, no matter what it is; then we would run or hide or something, blend into the crowd is there was one; then while our guards were looking for us, we would do whatever it was we wanted to do and then come back, go along with our cover story and go home. Easy as pie once you get used to it. I instantly came up with the story and began the plan.

"Oh my gosh, is that One Direction over there?" I pointed towards where most of the directioners were headed.

"That is them! Come on Jenna let's go!" Kathryn said, going along with my cover perfectly. Together we ran towards the fans and away from our guard. He was shouting and running after us, but being a big guy, he couldn't run as fast as Kathryn and I could. Together we ran and ran until we were out of his sight. Then, together we made our way to the entrance for fans to go backstage. The security checked our lanyards to make sure we weren't just fans trying to get backstage and he waved us through. Once inside, Kathryn marveled at the whole scene. She told me she had wanted to be a singer, and she's really good at it. The only thing is confidence, and not to be mean or anything, but she didn't have much. I was working on that bit. Kathryn and I waited in the long line of excited fans to see the boys. I hoped that our guard was still looking for us outside, and would keep looking for us long enough for us to have our time meeting the guys.

Minutes passed as we got closer and closer to the front of the line, I got more and more excited. Finally, it was time for Kathryn and I's turn to see them. We got in and Kathryn and I squeezed each others hands as we walked inside. There they were, those five boys that I spend all my time obsessing over. Those nights on our laptops and iphones, looking at every picture, reading every tumblr post available. It all paid off when I first glanced them. I felt like my life was literally complete, that I had accomlished what I've wanted for years. But there was one thing still to do, talk to them, see what they are like in person. Kathryn said she would get starstruck the first few moments of our meet and greet type thing ahead of time, so I was in charge of starting the short conversation.

"Hi, my name's Jenna and this is my twin Kathryn," I stated not really sure what to say next. Thank goodness Niall said something because it was only going to get more awkward from there.

"You don't look like twins. Are you guys fraternal twins or something?" he asked.

"Yeah, we are fraternal twins, but we are really close. We are major fans of you guys. Do you mind if we get a quick hug?"

"Sure," Harry replied, holding out his arms.

"Thanks," I replied hugging them each one by one. But I feel like my hug with Zayn was just a bit longer with the others, but maybe it was just me. I'm not really known for being good at judging distances and time.

"So what's it like being so famous? Is there anything that's kind of annoying? I don't mean to pry," Kathryn asked the boys, but focusing her gaze on Louis in particular.

"Well, it's definitely busy and it feels like there's no privacy and things like that; it's not all that bad though," Liam replied. "The only thing that can be kind of annoying in particular are the many rumors that circle the internet".

"Yeah I can understand that," Kathryn said. "Not to make you sad anything, but there are a lot of rumors going around".

"And being the stubborn one she is, she doesn't believe in them until she's spent hours finding out everything there is about it," I jokingly nudged Kathryn laughing.

"Hey, what are your girls twitter names?" Zayn asked abruptly.

"Oh uh, I'm @fandomHNLLZ, it's for the youtube channel and my blog that I run, with Kathryn," I answered.

"And I'm @kathryn-tomlinson," Kathryn answered, blushing slightly.

"Thanks," Zayn replied.

"You girls as well," the lads replied. When Kathryn and I got out to the regular area we had a moment of complete happiness, doing that thing all girls do at some point. We screamed and jumped up and down, but were quickly interrupted by a loud, deep voice shouting across the room.

"There you girls are!"

"Oh crap," I whispered quietly. "We are in so much trouble".

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