Forbidden Love

Kathryn and Jenna meet Louis and Zayn and fall in love fast. They try to be together, but Kathryn and Jenna's father doesn't approve. Will they be together forever? Or will their love fall apart. With forbidden love, no one knows.


1. 1. Kathryn's P.O.V

Being at a One Direction concert with my twin sister Jenna, is the best thing in the world! The only problem is that our over protective dad sent us with a bodyguard. He always does that its like he doesn't trust us. The only good thing about having a overprotected dad, was that he would buy us anything. I have a huge collection of UGG boots and Jenna has a huge collection of converse. We were sitting in the car waiting to get to the concert, and I was texting Jenna.

To Jenna😝: Do u think the bodyguard will let us use the backstage passes?

From Jenna😝: They might not, lets ditch thm @ the end of the concert & get backstage.

To Jenna😝: Kk, sounds good. I looked up from my phone to see Jenna smiling really big. I smiled back at her.

"What are you girls smiling at?" The bodyguard asked.

"Oh, nothing, we are just really excited for the concert." I replied as calmly as I could.

"Alright, when we get there, we are going to your seats, then when its over, we are going straight to the car. Got it girls?" The bodyguard said.

"We got it!" Jenna and I said in unison. We might have said it, but we never promised anything.

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