The Missing Boy

I have three brothers and one sister but the sad part is that one of my brothers have been missing for 5years now.I really miss him!:(
Then one day we bump into him at Winn Dixie
Aventually we figure out that he is actually Louis Tomilson
Also I love one direction!!
SO i freak out!!!


3. Please Help Me!!!

Well it has been three days since i have been suspended and i am about to go crazy......

One reason is because

My Mom left me at home by myself(which she never does)

another reason is because.....

I can have a party but evryone is at school

The last reason is because

I am bored half to death!!!!!!

I need some HELP!!!!!
So i call My Best friend Barcy!

Thank goodness they were out at recess!!!!

She said your so lucky you dont have to be at school

and by the way im going to drop off your work everyday and some times you can copy mine!!!

I said"Well that helps me alot and i know some stuff ill just get a zero since im suspended'

'Well dont worry about it and what you doing"

Well im sitting on the couch on the phone with you watching tv

Okay well i got to go (we are going back inside bye)!!!


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