The Missing Boy

I have three brothers and one sister but the sad part is that one of my brothers have been missing for 5years now.I really miss him!:(
Then one day we bump into him at Winn Dixie
Aventually we figure out that he is actually Louis Tomilson
Also I love one direction!!
SO i freak out!!!


1. The Beginning

Well My name is Alexandra

But I prefer to be called Alex!!!!

I have three brothers and one sister.

My brothers' names are Trey,Landon,and Louis.

My sister's name is Samantha,but everyone calls her Sammy.

The sad part is that 5 years ago my brother Louis disappeared.

But we think that he died.

Everyone in my family misses him,but we all just had to move on.....

So I am 13 years old and I am in my first year of middle school.

I am the youngest out of all the kids.

Sammy is 15 and she has a boyfriend that is sooo crazy.

His name is Ryan.He is 16.

Trey is 17 and has a really nice girlfriend.

Her name is Dollie.She is 16.

Landon is of course the oldest.He is 19.He loves to be single.:)

Louis is 18.I don't know if he is single or not though.

My mom is 36.Her real name is Helen.

My dad is in the army.His name is Even.

He is 38.That is another hard thing on  us........

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