A nineteen year old girl called Summer was a photographer, an author, a guitar player, and a piano player. No one bothered her a lot, and wasn't in all the magazines and the paparazzi didn't chase her. She was a normal girl. Until 21 year old Louis came along. He changed her, but not in the good way.


2. Chapter Two


Chapter Two

Louis' P.O.V.

(Next week)

She was amazing to me.. Even though she stated that she hated my band.. But, that's the past. I'll change her opinion. So, I drove to a chocolate store to get a box for her. It's not valentines day but I want her to think I'm worth it. Then I drove to a flower shop and got pink roses.

Later, when I was ready, I went to her house. "Knock knock." I say. "Who is it?" "Take a guess." The door opens. "Hi Louis." "Hey. Can I come in?" "If you tell me what you're doing with a gift bag." "It's a surprise." "Ohh." She lets me in.


"You said you don't like One Direction, right?" I ask. "Yeah." she says. "Well, I'm going to try and change your mind." I hand her the roses. "Awe, Louis. You're so sweet. I hope you don't think this will make me like your music though." "It won't." I sit on her couch next to her.

"So, I'm going to sing you one of our songs." I say. "Oh boy." I laugh and think of a song. "I'll sing Gotta Be You." "Okay." I start to sing and sh smiles. I'm at the chorus and she starts to sing too. "Can we fall, one more time, stop the tape and rewind? Oh, and if you walk away I know I'll fade cause there is nobody else it's gotta be you. Only you. It's got to be you. Only you. Hey." We both laugh. "You know that song?" I ask. "That's the only song I like by you." I say. "So I had to pick a song you knew."

She laughs. "It's cool. I've been listening to you guys, you're pretty good." "Really? Like what?" I ask. "Same Mistakes, Taken, I Wish, More Than This.." "You like slow songs?" I ask. "Of course." "You have a nice voice by the way." I say. "Thank you." "You're welcome."

My phone rings. "Hi Harry." She gets up and walks away, she really doesn't like Harry. "Hey, Louis. You're on the news.. With um, Summer." He says. "What happened between you two?" There's a silence for about 5 seconds. He sighs. "It's a long story." "I've got time." I say. "Fine. About a year ago, we were like, best friends. One night, I tried to be romantic with her and I know she liked me, I liked her.. So, why not be together, you know? But, we went to the beach one day, and it was perfect." "Then what happened?" I ask.

"I tried Louis." he says. I widen my eyes. "You tried what?" I ask. "I can't even say it." He hung up. "Summer!" She walks out. "What?" "I'm sure he wasn't thinking." She hugs me and I hug back. "I don't trust anyone." She says. "You can trust me." "You'll have to gain trust, Louis." I see a cut on her wrist. "Summer?" I ask. "Yes?" "What's on your arm?" She stops hugging me.

"What are you talking about?" she asks. "I saw a cut.. Did someone.. Summer." She looks scared, I'm so worried right about now. "Do you.." I couldn't even finish my sentence before she started to cry. "Why do you do this?" I ask, walking up to hug her. "I'm a wreck. I can't think straight, I can't control myself, I've been let down so many times.." I kiss her lips softly. "Louis, I." "I won't let you down. I promise." I hug her tighter and she hugs back.

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