A nineteen year old girl called Summer was a photographer, an author, a guitar player, and a piano player. No one bothered her a lot, and wasn't in all the magazines and the paparazzi didn't chase her. She was a normal girl. Until 21 year old Louis came along. He changed her, but not in the good way.


1. Chapter One


I walked into the parking lot of Denny's, spotted a ladybug, and snapped a couple pictures. I hear a boy's voice. "Hello." A quite lovely British accent. I turned around. "Hello." I say. "I'm Louis." He says. "Summer." "Nice name. You planning on eating?" "Nah, I'm not hungry." I say. "Are you sure? Breakfast on me." he says. "I don't know you." "You could."

I put down my camera and look at his face. He's very handsome, perfect features. No dimples, but I don't care. "Alright." We walk in. "Two?" The host asks. "Yes." Louis says. The host directs us to a booth. "I'll have someone right out for you." he walks away.

"I feel like I've seen you before." I say. "Maybe. I have a band." "What's the title?" "I'll save it. Tell me about yourself." "I'm a quiet type. Not really into music, except piano, I love to read, and I love cats.. Oh, and I live in a beach house. Where it's peaceful." "No music? Not even One Direction?" he asks. "Oh, no. I try not to. I don't like them." I say.

He looks at me like I'm insane. "We'll change that, then." he says. "What do you mean?" I ask. "I'm in One Direction." he says. "Oh, I'm sorry, I meant nothing bad. But, pretty much the only people I listen to are Alicia Keys and Justin Bieber. They play piano, so.." "Right. I understand that. I've seen you before, too." "I'm the author of Gone and Deep." "Really?! I love those books! I spent hours reading it and staying up all night." he says. "Thank you." "You don't seem like the quiet type in your work." "I know, I try to relate to other people."

"How old are you? You seem pretty young." he says. "I'm nineteen. You?" I ask. "Nineteen? That's very impressive. I'm twenty-one." "The year of stupidity." I say. "What?" "For my twenty first birthday, I am not planning to do anything. Especially not drink for the first time." I say. "Wow, you really are different."

A waiter comes up. "May I get you some drinks?" "Water." I say. "Water for me too please." Louis says. He walks away. "So tell me about your band. Are all of the boys in it as charming as you? Or are you different?" I ask. "You'd have to say yourself. Harry is pretty sweet though." "Harry? Styles, right? I've met him." "Really? You like him?" "No. He's a flirt. Not that I don't go for that type, but, he just isn't anyone I'd see myself hanging out with." "I see."

The waiter comes back with our waters. "Anything to eat?" "I guess I'll have an omelet please." I say. "French toast, please." Louis says. The waiter walks away again. "We should hang out." he says. "Haha, I don't think I'll be seeing you again." "I'm pretty sure I will. You go around the city taking pictures." "I'm a photographer." I say. "Wow, you're really interesting to me. Tell me more." "I'm guessing that was sarcastic." "No."

I sigh and tell him about my life. Some parts he drops his jaw, because he can't believe what has happened to me. "Wow, Summer." "I really hope I can trust you. You seem nice." I say. "You can. Do you live alone?" "Yes, because my dad moved to New York and my mom got into an accident." "Summer, I know we just met, but if you wouldn't mind, you could come live with me." "If you don't blast music, then I'll think about it. I just need a friend." "I'll be your friend." "Alright." I say.

We finish up breakfast, chatting. "I've gotta go." I say. "Wait, listen to this song." he says. He plugs in headphone and plays a song called "Change My Mind." "This is your band?" "Yes, listen." I listen to the first solo. "You have a nice voice." "Thank you." "You're welcome. The song finishes and he takes the headphones out. "You like it?" "Nope." I say. "WAIT WHY?!" "You don't write about anything. You just put lyrics on paper."

"I've never even heard that before." he says. "I would've told you." I say. "I'll call you." he says. "Okay." I walk to my car and get in. I smile. He seemed innocent, but was he faking it? I know he's famous and all, more famous then I'll ever be. But, it seemed like he was the one..

End of chapter one....

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