Love never lasts

Hi I'm Sarah a.k.a cookie I was best friends with Niall horan !! Yes the Niall horan from one to find out what happens when I see him in london


4. Wow!!!!!!!!

Sarah pov

We finally arrived at the air port or should I say landed. We walked off in to the air port with Niall and his mates then all of the sudden Niall grabs my hand so I blush really bad . "Sarah when we get back to my house there's only five rooms so I hope you don't mind if you stay in my room it'll be just like our old sleepovers " "cool I dont mind I miss our sleepovers " "cool" me Niall , zayn , Harry rode in nialls car and diamond ,Louis and Liam rode together back to his flat . The car ride was an awkward silence. When we got there my jaw dropped to the floor ........ It was huge not just like big but it at least hos 40floors . Crazy I know . " Sarahbear you ok ?" " wow "was all I could say we walked in and was even bigger than I thought ."um .... Niall can we private?" "sure beautiful " we walked into the kitchen and I sat down in a stool next to Niall . " so what did you want to talk about ?" " we'll ....... Um....,, Niall I'm just gonna say it I've had a huge crush on you for a few years and didn't know how to tell you so when u moved I thought my feelings for u would go away but when we seen each other the feeling was stronger than before so I knew that you would never like me back but I wanted to tell you so there......I love you I guess." 'wow' was all he said . " how do you feel about me?" "the same way ............Sarah will you be my girlfriend ?" but before I could answer his lips were on mine . Wow... Spar wait what am I saying they were fireworks ...boom ..."sorry .. Will you be my girlfriend ." "um let me check .......yep totally clear smooch He's finally mine EEP

Nialls pov

She's mine . She's mine . She's mine . I have waited so long for that .. And she's a really great kisser. "shall we" I said walking to her and grabbing her hand" we shall "
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