Love never lasts

Hi I'm Sarah a.k.a cookie I was best friends with Niall horan !! Yes the Niall horan from one to find out what happens when I see him in london


3. Crazy plane ride

Nialls pov.

Ohh my gosh .....I....I can't even believe Sarahbear is next to me right now . I've missed her sparkling blue and red and brown hair and those dimples ....omg I'm falling for my best friend!

Sarah pov

I'm falling so hard for him it's not even funny and he won't ever like me and thats the sad part about it .:( but i see diamond is talking with Harry ;)ooooooh she's in love.ill probably tell Niall my little secret because it's killing me to hide it from him.

Diamonds pov

I'm having a conversation with Harry styles eeeeeeeeppp!!!!!!!!!!!im gonna die of excitement . I do owe Sarah an apology cause tried to tell me she was Best friends with niall horan but I didn't believe her . I'm so stupid.

Sarah pov

"um ... Uh Sarah you and diamond can stay at our house if you want" "awwww your so sweet sure why not " yay I get to tell him . (sence the sarcasm there people)I'm so tired i fell asleep with Niall whisper singing in my ear
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