Love never lasts

Hi I'm Sarah a.k.a cookie I was best friends with Niall horan !! Yes the Niall horan from one to find out what happens when I see him in london


2. Air port drama

Once we got to the airport there were thousands of girls screaming so I ask one"why are all of u guys screaming ?" she said "are u serious one directions riding plane 47 " Omg me and diamond are riding the same plane as my best friend . "flight 47is now boarding " I grabbed diamond and ran towards the plane gate . Once we got on the plane diamond was flipping out and fan girling like crazy . Then those blue eyes and blonde locks looking my way I hope he sees me . He slowly walks towards me and says "Sarahbear is that u and omg ur hair u dyed it and u still look as gorgeous as when I left get your but over here and give me a hug " omg he picked me up and gave me the biggest hug ever ."I missedu so much" I said
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